Online Video Sharing

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Online Video Sharing

Online Video Sharing: What’s it?

Sharing your videos online requires you to host them using the hosting service’s Website or smartphone or desktop application, or other API. It allows you to upload and share your videos, be it - personal, business, or royalty-free - and watch them online. Any sort of videos can be uploaded and shared or watched, whether it is a short clips or a full-length movie. The video upload sites store your video files on their servers and permit you to enable distinct types of embed codes or links which grant other users to view your videos.

Video sharing websites allow users to upload, host and share their videos online with clients, friends and family – whoever they want to share with. If your videos contain something that can amaze people, you may get some bucks from selling them.

The Cloud-based storage architecture model can be categorized in three parts

Advantages you get from our Cloud Storage

Upload your videos from anywhere anytime
Upload your videos
from anywhere,

Data BaGG allows you to upload your HD, 4K, and 360 videos using laptop, desktop, smartphone, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), third-party applications, or any editing software from anywhere and anytime.

Simple management of video files
Simple management
of video files

Data BaGG has built amazing video management tools that provide you an easy, hassle-free and time-saving way to manage, organize and search your videos - doesn’t matter how many they are.

ontrol privacy of your videos
Control privacy
of your videos

All of your videos stored with us is password-protected, and you can also choose who sees them. Data BaGG also enables you to choose the exact domains on which your videos will be appeared.

Hook-up with review pages
Hook-up with
review pages

With our video review pages, you will be able to share video online and get real-time feedback from viewers, clients and your colleagues.

Ad-free streaming

Sharing or retrieving video or large data files stored in our Cloud storage is very quick. You can share your lovely audio or video files with your loved ones / family in no time – no matter whether they have account with us.

Know How Data BaGG Empowers You

Help you reach the global market

Help you reach the global market

Your videos would get viewed by global viewers thus creating a wide marketplace.

Sell your videos in global marketplace

Sell your videos in global marketplace

If your videos are compelling, you can find customers in the global marketplace where you can sell them directly to the audience.

Learn skills to create better videos

Learn skills to create better videos

You can improve your video-creation skills by the tips received from our tutorials.

Get support anytime

Get support

By joining our community of video creators and viewers, you can get help from them when you need it.

Free storage upto 5GB for Windows

Free storage upto 5GB for Windows

Know Us?

Data BaGG - an arm of Futuristic Internet Services LLC – is a mighty Cloud storage platform providing an array of ways to upload manage and share your files for over a decade. It owns and manages three world-class data centers strategically located at different geographical locations for ensuring higher availability. Data BaGG has been serving thousands of enterprises with ultimate Cloud storage services through its avant-garde data centers.

We, at Data BaGG, can sense how quickly the technologies getting newer shapes every day. Our industry experts keep their vigilant eyes on day-to-day technological advancements, Cloud technology in particular, which helps us surpassing our competitors in terms of quality of services and the pricing as well.

One of the greatest features of our services is - the public folder - which provides clients an easy-to-use option for sharing videos and embedding them on their Websites. Like Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), it offers clients an ultimate way to host videos on their Websites, and that too without the streaming consuming the bandwidth from Websites.

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