Easy File Sharing

Easy and Free File Sharing on Cloud with DataBagg.

File sharing

Tired of receiving error messages time and again
while sending across big files either through email or FTP transfer?

Now with DataBagg there is no need to deal with the headache of FTP transfers and email hiccups.

Time has come to bid adieu to them; and embrace DataBagg, now share big files free to friends, family and colleagues more quickly and easily. Share those photos of your vacations with your parents; upload your amusing pictures on your favorite social networking site and much more within a few clicks!

File sharing
File sharing

DataBagg provides ingenious ways to easily share big files, like movies, music, and other significant business presentations and large videos with a click of a button.

You can share large files explicitly by posting links in your email messages, blog, and most preferred online forum or on your website. You can even send your files in private and virtually with anyone in your business chain!


Free storage upto 5GB for Windows

With DataBagg’s easy file sharing, you get the choice to store each file at one place, which you can sort and share with other colleagues, customers and partners to beamingly finish up them. The key highlights of Databagg are:

A focal place for every one of your files and records

With DataBagg’s easy file sharing framework, you will never again need to stress over scattered files and records everywhere. Just transfer them in Databagg, share them with individuals in the event that you need to, and get to them effectively.

Store and compose files in folders to keep them convenient

Our easy file sharing framework gives you the choice to compose your files perfectly in envelopes and subfolders, ensuring that you don't sit around idly searching for them when you are in fast need, and subsequently sparing you a ton of time.

Offer file teamwork with others to rearrange teaming up finished files

With each file you transfer in Databagg, you get a sharing hyperlink that you can send to teammates or even with individuals who don't have a Databagg account and they can without much of a stretch access those files and even download them.

See and confirm files from a remote screen to make assessing easy

Our file sharing application gives you a chance to review and evidence files from a distant screen, sparing you a ton of time. You don't have to switch between various screens, which can be confounding and very tedious too.

Transfer files by means of email to make file sharing bother free

With our file sharing framework you can transfer files by means of email too while you are not in approach of the instrument! Every record accompanies a special email-in address, which you can spare in the inbox to utilize at whatever point you need to transfer a file in a hurry.

Our file sharing application closes all the disarray

Our file sharing framework enables you to store numerous adaptations of a similar file, get to their history and reestablish them if necessary; conveying a conclusion to all the perplexity you confront while working with various variants of a similar file.

Download files to store them or utilize them the way you need to

Download the files you put away in Databagg with a solitary click to store them in your pc, print them to use in gatherings or utilize them in some other way. Along these lines, you can ensure all the essential data is helpful at whatever point you have to get to it.

Need to find out about how our file administration framework functions? Go for the free-trial just now!

Appreciate the simplicity of sharing and sending-utilize this effective online application to send extensive files at whatever point and wherever- all you require is your telephone, portable pc, or tablet and a web connection!

Databagg is the most straightforward approach to share files with your companions!

Visit Databagg and sign up. You would be given a rundown of options. An organizer holds at least one files. Select one of the organizers. At that point transfer your files by relocating the greater part of the files you need. They might be put away on the cloud, available from anyplace by sharing the connection!