Cloud backup

Ace Cloud Backup Services from Databagg

Cloud backup

Now backup all your important files and folders
with just a simple click!

*For personal as well as professional purposes

“We are constantly losing important data by hard disk failures or due to electric harms. Due to the massive expansion of cloud computing arrangements in present times, we shall now be able to perform a remote backup of all the stuff which is important to us. It shall not only prove to be less expensive but quicker too. Also, there would be no need to learn specialized aptitudes to work with these backup software!”

But what is cloud?

Put simply, cloud is the interconnected network of computer resources for pooled processing of data.

So what exactly is cloud backup?

When you need to store an additional copy of your data which includes documents, images, videos etc. over the remotely located cloud machines for achieving safety and security of these; the process is known as cloud backup.

And why anyone would need a cloud backup service?
And that too from DataBagg?

Cheap Backup

A cloud-based backup like our arrangement's principal advantage is taken cost. Since you don't have to purchase any gear, a great amount of saving can be made. We additionally have diverse sorts of memberships with various costs relying upon the components you require. You can pay just for the elements you need and later can upgrade if your necessities grow.



The accompanying software included with the backup service are easy to introduce and work. We just setup the software once and from that point forward, we can forget about it. Your data then easily goes online! Access to your sought documents and files becomes just a click away with the cloud and the advanced tools available to you.

Multi-Platform Support

Windows possibly be the overwhelmingly working operating system however there are additionally Linux and Apple users. We are currently offering our services to numerous clients for these operating systems. We even offer our clients browser-based interfaces to ensure all platforms are bolstered in somehow.

Multi-Platform Support
Availability 24 X 7 X 365

Availability 24 X 7 X 365

Wherever we go, insofar as there is an internet connection, the backup service will be accessible in light of the fact that it is cloud-based. An ever increasing number of individuals are getting to be plainly mobile users and having the capacity to get to cloud services anyplace is a major in addition to.


Security is a characteristic concern while enabling an outsider to deal with our data. We give you the choice to encrypt your data before they are saved in the cloud. In cases that this component is not accessible or may prove costly to you, we can yourself encrypt our own particular data before making the backup.


Why our clients love us?
Why they chose Databagg for Private Cloud Hosting?

They love us because:

We are a laurels winning corporate

We are a laurels
winning corporate

Databagg is a consistently developing web facilitating association with thousands of fulfilled clients over the globe

We have our own World Class Data Center

We have our own
World Class Data Center

We have reality class server data center at various locations for best execution. Our servers are kept up by proficient chiefs and system technocrats round-the-clock

We provide The Best Network Performance

We provide The Best
Network Performance

To guarantee the quickest speed conceivable, we utilize superb transfer speed suppliers plus we guarantee the transmission capacity of 30%, to accomplish 70% of headroom.


We guarantee xtreme Uptime

At Databagg we see how downtime can be awful for your business. With Tier III server data centers and experienced experts, we ensure our each client with 99.9% uptime, the best in the class.

Free storage upto 5GB for Windows

Free storage upto 5GB for Windows

These best motivations to utilize a cloud backup service from DataBagg ought to be sufficient defense for any computer user to consider or start activities to secure their data. More up to date advancements are enabling us to play out the required data safeguarding in the background while we concentrate our consideration on our customer service.

Searching for an ace backup service for your business? Make sure to look at DataBagg!