The allure of achieving success and fame riding on the back of one’s own creativity has arisen manifold with the rise in computing power and camera quality over the years. From the cumbersome and extremely technical nuances of filmmaking, the average effort to make a video has reduced to previously unheard of low levels. With this ease in video creation has come the need to store, share and edit the cornucopia of videos being created all over the globe

With DataBagg online video sharing, this process is streamlined, effortless and made so easy it is a breeze.

Take Your Video Game Up One Level

In the insurmountable traffic that the likes of YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo have to encounter every day, the chances of your creative output standing out from the crowd becomes infinitesimal. That does not mean that you stop creating content now, does it? On the contrary, you have to find ways to discern your videos from the normal or banal creations of the masses. This is only one of the many areas in which DataBagg provides you the impetus required to push through the crowd and make your content shine.

Right from the word go, DataBagg allots a spacious 5 GB memory stash so that you can steer clear of the hassles of using your device memory to store and categorize your videos. As your level of work increases, so do the size and quality of your videos, hence, DataBagg takes proactive measures to ensure you never have to encounter the problem of running out of space. In developing our suite of services for online video sharing, we have made full use of cloud storage for optimum security, flexibility and adaptability.

To propound these factors in the context of online video sharing, we can consider any case that may arise in the creative field of videography. Whether you have a business that requires training videos, advertising or promotional campaigns, technical advice and procedure trainings, or you are an individual interested in making comedy, drama, lifestyle or literary digital shorts, the necessity of storage can hardly be overstated. Being in the middle of a data revolution as it is, we are hard pressed to find relevant videos without carrying out the very specific task of searching for the exact string of words and tags that identify the perfect video.

With DataBagg cloud storage services, this task becomes a cake walk. By enabling the automatic upload function that has been developed in house for the convenience of princes and paupers alike. In the long run, the process becomes part and parcel of the video creators’ retinue, which automatically leads to complete erasure of the worry about device storage space and the drain on processing power that editing and sharing videos puts on your device.

Benefits Galore With DataBagg Online Video Sharing

Encryption is a given feature right from the outset, since the privacy of our users is a top priority at DataBagg. The cryptographic functions are well and truly capable of dealing with the latest threats that come creeping out of hacker laboratories. Just like politics and dinner do not go well together, neither do data storage nor leaky security. At the forefront of our defenses is an uncompromising security mechanism that shields all your data from external threats.

Additionally, your personal information is under only your control, and as with the online video sharing, you can dictate who gets access to the metadata and secondary information embedded in your videos, no matter if it is a video only meant for sharing with specific people like clients, or a fun video you made to entertain the world at large.