Most successful organizations across the world relies on teamwork. In the earlier times, 'team' used to mean people sharing same office. However, in the current virtual world, team could be pretty diverse, for instance, a team from New York, Poland, London and India are working together. Whether it is an outsourced staff, virtual staff or co-workers working from home, right tools are what makes the difference. So, having excellent online file sharing tools will allow you to work together as well as eliminate the wastage of time. To make you informed, here is a list of eight online file and collaboration sharing tools. Take a read!

Tool 1 – Basecamp - Utilized by Westwood Virtual Associates team, Basecamp is among the preferred project management tools for small-size businesses in the market. This tool permits you to make various projects, assignments to do, see the daily progress, track the milestones as well as communicated via discussions. In addition, it is ideal for tracking the things that need to be done.

Tool 2 – Pidgin - If you're employed with various team that contains a big array of communication methods, having Pidgin will save your time. It permits you to speak on AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo! ICQ, Messenger and many more.

Most of the industries tend to solely work within one medium. Let's say, CPA marketing industry functions on AIM a lot. On the contrary, programmers love IRC. With Pidgin, managing the virtual communication is easy.

Tool 3 - Doodle  - Do you have to plan a meeting? Despite of emailing the availability again and again, you can use Utilize Doodle with Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar in order to create polls with in the calendar view of Doodle. You can show your friends and co-workers the time you are available. The user account recalls the pools and helps you to connect with your calendar. The best part is it is free-of-cost.

Tool 4 – Google Docs  - It permits you to do an easy collaboration on the documents with other people in real time. The document which is shared with others could be easily accessed anytime, anywhere. Whenever you do any changes in the document, they get reflected on the screen of others. Literally, you can use this online file sharing tool in real-time for spreadsheets or word files across the world.

Tool 5 – MindMeister - This tool helps in creating and sharing mindmaps on the internet. These could be shared with others, having an access to edit and add the mindmaps. Plenty of research work is done on the mindmaps and it is excellent option as compared to linear notes. It is a great tool for making plans, brainstorming and taking notes.

Tool 6 - YouSendIt - In case, you have to send big files instantly and doesn't have enough time for signup or install an online file sharing tool, then use YouSendIt. It permits to send files up to 250 MB free-of-cost. Many email clients just permit the sending of files to 25 MB. In order to use it, all you have to do is upload file as well as it will send another person a file link within it.

Tool 7 – Skype  - There is no tool like Skype when it comes to real-time collaboration. It has just changed everything, right from chat service to messaging. You can send instant messages as well as requests to the people on Skype. In case, you need to talk regarding something urgent, you can do it on Skype. Screen sharing and video chat helps you in doing better communication and show other people exactly the same thing that you want to show them. If you are looking for a best tool in order to communicate virtually, it is the best tool.

Tool 8 – Hootsuite - It is one of the complex things to online coordinate on a social media strategy, including various people. For instance, if you are having a content, prize declarations are managed by a person, other person is handling the updates and personality is handled by another. How you can co-ordinate with all? All this can be easily done by Hootsuite. It permits you to efficiently access all social media accounts in a screen. In addition, you can schedule your posts for future instead of posting them right now. The best part is this account could be managed through different people. For instance, a person is responsible for upload the tweets on prize, same person can look after the personality over announcements as well as rewrite them, ensuring they go with the brand. In case, you are handling this multi-tasking social media strategy, do use Hootsuite, as this online file sharing tool deserves a try.

All the above-listed online file and collaboration tools can help in managing or handling a virtual team easily. Whether you are handling a small business or big business, these online tools can help you in streamlining the processes and increasing productivity.