Nowadays, we often work online and share the files with clients or teammates. Emailing the attachments is quite a popular way of sending files; however, it has file size restrictions. Also, it is not favorable to collaboration and does not permit various people to do work on the same file at the same time.

Despite of filling email inbox with heavy files, utilize a wide array of online data synchronization tools. Cloud-based tools are ideal to transfer files as well as save on the setup and maintenance costs of running VPN. In addition, these tools make the uploading of files easy with colleagues and friends. You can access the data through any device or store it to see later on. Continuing this discussion, here is a blog post explaining seven data sharing tools that are worth the consideration. Read on!

1. Dropmark

Dropmark offers easy file sharing and collaboration in the cloud along with drag-and-drop ability from PC to browser. In this online tool, files get uploaded on cloud automatically. Also, you can make an invite to colleagues to collaborate and view the data privately as well as organize files in collections along with sharable links.

In Dropmark, you can see each collection as a presentation, as websites and mixed images. You can even drag in the video or audio from YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo or create customized podcasts and playlists. Dropmark can also be used for the Mac App. You can upload it directly to the account.

Price: USD 5 per month and USD 40 per year

2. SugarSync

It offers file sharing and online data synchronization capabilities that permit browsing, backing up, accessing and syncing online. With SugarSync, you can share big folders and files in an efficient and easy manner. Additionally, you can cooperate on the shared folders, share public links, apply permissions on folders and sync a shared information folder in different teams.

In order to share your file through SugarSync, you just need to generate a public link with the team. The moment the recipient clicks on the link, he/she can download the content. No registration is required for the same. Also, with the folder permission feature, you can even share the data as ‘read-only’ so that recipients can see files; however, they can’t make any changes in it.

Price: USD 7.49 per month and USD 55 per year

3. Hightail

Hightail offers online storage and file sharing with an ability to transfer files of around 2GB size. You can edit, update and share project folders with Hightail to colleagues and clients. Through limitless file storage feature of Hightail, you can utilize the provided desktop and mobile applications in order to access the files anywhere, anytime. File tracking, identity verification, password protection with 256-bit AES encryption and 128-bit SSL encryption are applicable as well.

Price: Individually free and USD 24.99 per month (For Businesses)

4. Dropcanvas

It provides an easy-to-use interface for uploading the file and generating short links in order to share with agents. No registration is required in Dropcanvas; however, you could sign up to save the storage links. Not much thought or effort is required to utilize this service. You just have to drag in and drop down the file in canvas. Here you can provide a link of sharing files. Also, there is a sharing button for convenient access to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

With Dropcanvas, users get 5GB per canvas limit. Anonymously done posts last for around 60 days and you can even simply delete uploads via clicking Edit in the toolbar.

5. Google Drive

You can create spreadsheets, presentations and documents on Google Drive as well as share folders or files with the ones you want to. In addition, you can choose the audience which can view, comment on or edit the content. At the same time, you can also see the changes and collaborate on the same document. Besides this, you can easily open over 30 file types in the browser even if this program is not installed on PC or laptop.

It tracks each change made by you and creates revisions or look back versions up for to 30 days back automatically. Also, you can select which revisions to store forever.

Price: Free and USD 7.99 per month (16GB Storage)

6. WeTransfer

Counted among the most preferred online data synchronization tools, WeTransfer permits around 2GB per transfer in a secure and simple environment. In order to transfer files with WeTransfer, you need to click on Add Files, fill email address of person with whom you want to share and hit transfer button. Apart from this, you can share through social media as well with Share button.

Price: Free and USD 10 per month (Plus)

7. Minus

This file sharing tool provides simple drag and drop uploading which needs no registration with 2GB file size. After a month, the guest uploads get expired and you need to register an account, which provides personalized domains with 50 GB free-of-cost storage space.

With Minus, uploading is simple. All you have to do is just drag a file to canvas and it will get uploaded immediately with a short link of sharing the file as well as with an option of adding description and effects that you can share on email or other social media platforms. The Android and iOS applications permit you to manage and upload to the account.

Uploading is insanely simple -- just drag your file to the canvas and it's immediately uploaded

Price: Free