The world is changing fast, especially in terms of technology (and more so because of it). The innovators of the silicon age have moved ahead by leaps and strides in the field of data storage, making even the once renowned Moore’s Law (which states that “the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years”) outmoded before its time. From moving to Universal Serial Bus (USB) after optical storage devices ruled the roost, to miniaturizing hard disks and putting them into our phones (and essentially our pockets), the electronics industry has come quite a long way from the times when an entire floor of a building provided the memory banks for just one moderately powerful computer.

Nowadays, when you want to access a mission critical piece of data, regardless of its format, you need not be carrying around your laptop, or even a hard disk. With the advent of cloud technology, DataBagg made it its mission to relieve you from remembering to carry physical data on the off chance that you will need it. With automatic synchronization of data enabled, whatever you work on or choose to save on our robust cloud servers will be available to you all the time, every time!

In any case, the practice of backing up important personal information like contacts, calendar information, messages and emails, has already been picked up by phone companies, specifically Apple (with its iCloud) and Google (with Google Drive). While this may not serve you well at an enterprise level, this functionality of the cloud definitely holds one’s attention when we lose a phone or memory backup to mishaps, unfortunate situations or simply irresponsible behavior.

Taking the concept of data synchronization one step further to really become indispensable to your company’s data storage needs, DataBagg makes the assurance of uninterrupted work operations with its host of online data synchronization plans that are easy on the pocket as well. Since you can access all your work documents anywhere, anytime, you can concentrate on spreading awareness about your brand irrespective of where and when you are. As they say, strike while the iron is hot, so you should be prepared to capture every opportunity that may present itself, and DataBagg ensures your work is ready to speak for you as and when you need it.

Backing up your data through an online connection is as simple as it can get. With a bevy of personal, business and enterprise plans that offer various amounts of storage space on our secure cloud servers, you can choose your budget and time frame, like monthly or yearly, and take a moment to relax while the DataBagg application automatically backs up your data from your specified locations and makes them available on demand.

In case you are a technophobe – a rarity, to be sure, in today’s tech driven environment – you can take the help of our friendly and always on support staff by dialing the 1-888-288-3570 number that puts you in direct touch with us, much like we always want you to be only one touch away from your precious data!