How often does it happen that when you are with friends or family, or even in a first-time meeting with a new client, the talk turns to hobbies and interests? You share your opinions through words, but then that age-old adage comes into the picture: a picture is worth a thousand words. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show the experiences you have gathered over the years to the people you’re talking with, anywhere, anytime, without worrying about your phone or laptop storage running low? How cool would it be to instantly pull up that picture from your rafting trip years ago when your client expresses his desire to try out the water sport?

The solution is the cloud. That’s right, online data storage has the advantages of never being offline, always being accessible, maintaining a backup of critical data and last but best – being affordable since you pay only for how much storage you use. Of course, not many online data storage service providers can offer the level of customizability like DataBagg can.

DataBagg brings all of the best functionalities of online data storage to your fingertips. The online data storage concept has been around for years, but DataBagg has gone a step ahead of the run of the mill storage spac providers by tailoring online data storage to be versatile and suit each and every need of clients with minimal tweaking. Catering to some of the largest IT companies of India like Wipro and IBM’s Indian arm, DataBagg has adapted the cloud storage technology for providing customized services to any size of business.

Data Storage

The realization that often, the pre-decided packages of data storage capacity were not being utilized fully, resulting in inefficient usage of storage space on the cloud, resulted in the winning strategy of the DataBagg team. We came up with a Pay As You Grow plan, so that customers would not be forced to take 50 GB of cloud space (for example) when they actually need less. This saves space on the Data Bagg cloud as well as saving money for the client!

Delving deeper into the advantages offered by DataBagg, data encryption is a standard offering with all plans of online data storage, giving you peace of mind regarding the safety of your information as well as the privacy of your photos. Others can view or share your photos only after you specifically give them permission, and you can decide the parameters of the permission as well, like for how much time the people you have shared access with should be able to view or download those photos.

These predefined sanctions can come in handy when you are looking to share a very specific photo from long ago with certain people either for nostalgic reasons or as proof of your achievements, whether in the professional line of work or while pursuing leisure or recreational activities.

Alas, our phones and laptops cannot have infinite data storage capacities in the near future, but with DataBagg’s online data storage solutions, you don’t need to worry about space! Add to that the fact that all your data will be available to you across all your compatible devices that you choose, so that you’re ready to view and share your photos with anyone, anywhere, anytime!