Later or sooner, businesses will need space for the data storage. For most companies, different information types like presentations, graphics, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, documents and e-mails are essence and applications running and protecting their business needs disk space. Additionally, there are numerous trends that are fueling storage hunger

Latest government regulations need businesses in order to back up and maintain a variety of data, which they would have deleted otherwise.

Most of the small size businesses have started archiving e-mail messages that are around five or over five years older owing to legal reasons.

Pervasiveness of spyware and viruses needs vigilant backups that needs more storage capacity.

Every new form of Operating System or software app demands hard-drive real estate as compared to its predecessor.

Increasing need of storing big media files like video and making them accessible to the network users is making demand for online backup storage solutions.

Storing the information as well as managing the storage is serious to behind-the-scenes success of a company. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for small businesses for location and actual storage. More often, the ideal solution is generally a combination of several storage options.

Therefore, how can you decide what is ideal for you? So, firstly, you should consider the storage needs when talking about the physical location and capacity. After that, you must look for storage options, suitable for business needs. Then, you should make a plan in order to implement your best online cloud storage solutions.

What should be Storage Needs?

Small-scale businesses should firstly assess storage requirements linked with the applications and the data as well as how they have to access the data. In order to get started, here are a few questions that can help you out –


Which apps generate big amount of files?
How old is data?
Which apps run on specific servers?
How much of the data is stale or duplicate?
How much of the data is not related to the business?
How instantly do you have to access the data?
From which locations you can access the data?

When you are capable to know that how much of the data you are able to handle properly and how, where and when access the data, then surely you will have good ideal about the storage needs.

Consider Storage Options– Be it network-area storage or flash memory, small businesses now have a lot of storage options than before. These options range from storage systems attached to the network to transferrable flash memory drives and both of these could be located anywhere on the network. Have a detailed look on these options -

External Hard Drives – An inexpensive way of adding storage is in order to connect with external hard drive to the computer. They are directly connected with PCs. Files that are stored on drive need not to be back up somewhere else. In addition, if you are traveling for work and require access to the files on external drive, then you need to take hard drive along with you. Make sure to copy needed files to the USB thumb drive of laptop, CD or storage media. As in natural catastrophe or fire at your business place, the data wouldn’t be secured.

Flash Memory Thumb Drives – These drives are suitable for mobile professionals as they consume less power and can be moved to anywhere owing to its small size. Flash Memory thumb drives can be connected to the USB port of laptop in order to back up the files on road. A few USB drives also provide encryption in order to secure the files from getting stolen or lost. However, some of these drives let you store the Outlook data like calendar items and recent e-mails, files, Internet Explorer bookmarks as well as desktop apps. In this way, you may leave the laptop in office or home and plug in the USB in borrowed computer.

Online Storage – Services providing online backup storage offer businesses numerous benefits. By doing so, you are securing your data the business.

With cloud storage, you can share big files with the partners, clients as well as others by offering them the access, which is protected by a password and eliminate the need of e-mailing the large files. In many cases, what you can do is signup in the account through a PC utilizing web browser as it is an ideal way of retrieving the files when you are not nearby your PC. During initial backup, remote storage might slow down; though, it is just as instant as network speed access to the storage. In case of big files, you might need to make an investment in instant speed of the network.

Make a Plan

Prior making an investment in best online cloud storage solution, it is advisable to consult with reliable IT advisor that will meet the present and future requirements of businesses. After that, make a plan in order to deploy storage for your business. You might wish to consider managed storage service that provides vital storage management and on-request storage capacity. For small-size businesses, managed service is an affordable option. Other thing to ask network provider for financing options is NAS solutions. So, plan for the future storage requirements now in order to prevent from any loss later.