There are plenty of innovative data storage services and applications available in the market. They not only allow customers to get an accurate insight; however, they too permit high-volume data storage, improved security and various platform compatibility. These are a few benefits of data storage services and applications. However, when considered roles of data storage within an organization, it is vital to look for secured cloud data storage platform, which cater to data demands as well as increasing mobile security.

Prior making a moving decision to the storage type, mobile companies should reconcile customer access needs along with risks of data security. Even, it doesn’t start mentioning the data fragmentation’ challenge across services and applications that can make a contribution to complexity and operational costs as well as make difficult to mitigate the risks of business and attain resiliency planning.

By the year 2019, Gartner predicted business consumers will generate more analysis as compared to data scientists owing to increase of analytics. Though, businesses require strong mobile data position prior they could capitalize the potential benefit of emerging technology, such as Al-powered mobile and self-catering business intelligence. To management, mobile data access and security, effective approach is must.

Innovative Data Storage Services and Applications

In the recent years, variety and volume of business data increased to a great extent, similarly cloud storage’ costs have minimized significantly. As per inside BIGDATA, the “digital universe size” is getting double each year with the machine produced data growing pretty fast as compared to outmoded business data resources. For mobile companies, correct data storage solution is clear in cloud; however, understanding which solution is better is mostly not clear. Though, the best data storage solutions are easily traceable, secure, and accessible as well as support workflow of the company. Business put their requirements in the front of vendors and they require mobile data storage services which addresses access controls, storage volume, compliance, online access and others.

Following are a few things which businesses nowadays should take in the account prior considering data storage services:-

1. Unstructured and High-volume Data Storage

Confronting data fragmentation’ problem needs enterprises to secure the solution which can cater to the requirements of the customers and combine data storage within cloud like object storage. Object storage service could accommodate a wide range of structured as well as unstructured data through IoT devices, digital content and analytics. Additionally, it can meet customer needs with connected mobile example in order to fight with fragmented storage.

2. Identity Management and Access Controls

At application level, there should be controls in order to ensure right people should only access the data. Only the secured cloud data storage platform offers secured access to the folder, team collaboration’ sharing capabilities and controlled options for sharing data with the outside parties.

3. Encryption, Compliance and Security

Usually, leading applications, instances and services offer data’ enterprise-grade encryption in transit and rest as well as comply with regulatory requirements of particular industry.

4. Multi-platform Compatibility

Providing growth in Choose-your-own-device (CYOD) and Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, latest data storage services and applications must offer multi-platform compatibility and online data security to make sure positive experience of users across various Operating Systems.

5. Offline Sync and Access

During continuous access is nearly a strong requirement, the ideal service or application must take a distinctive approach to the offline data sync. It is one of the crucial challenges within the application development. Accessing functionality must include shared data sync, offline data modification and manual synchronization features. 

Understanding how Mobile fits in the data demands of Enterprise

Process and people are two major aspects of mobile data storage issue which should not be ignored. Along with customer access, it is vital to define the needs around role. Also, mobile data storage solutions must address data analysis and kind of data which needs to be stored as per the role and device habits.

An approach based on the process may clarify the needs as per the data accessed’ sensitivity and data volume required for process-based needs for offline modification and access speed.

Securing Data against Increasing Mobile Safety Threats

For most of the businesses, ideal solution might not be uniquely designed cloud storage service and third-party cloud hosting services could be dangerous to utilize. This might require utilization of organization-focused mobile data storage applications or proprietary.
So, these all are the things that you need to keep in mind at the time of selecting appropriate applications for data storage usage. Witnessing them integrated for data management, data access and online data security will make sure which enterprise come forward with mobile storage services.