Possibly your business is competitive in an exceedingly space that is free from recognized competitors. However, many of the people now have startup companies that are competing with current offerings from giant companies. The job of people is to come up with something better than them.

It is the challenge faced by most of the startups. In this blog post, we are going to discuss six ideal ways in which startups can compete with the giants. Read on!

1. Drive Focus

It is difficult to make USD 10 billion revenue business with only one thing, many giants have great portfolio of companies, various merchandise for every as well as targeting different client segments in the markets. It adds complexness and dispenses the management attention.

Startups get advantage of having everybody within the company be extraordinarily aimed, usually on a particular mission, product, market and client section. Whereas the competitors sell everything, right from marketing to the Zantac, investing in the groceries as well as shipping, DataBaGG has targeted completely on cloud storage. It suggests everyone is aiming on our online file storage services.

2. Utilize Lack-of-Scale as Positive

You must have heard the saying of Paul Graham, “Do things that don’t scale.” You can do numerous things specifically as you do have big scale as giants have. You can use this as a plus.

Whenever we search for a space for data center, comparatively we have a lot of options as compared to large competitors as there are a lot of spaces available, right from 100 cabinets to 1000 cabinets. By doing some search, you will be able to find a data center space, which is cheap and better.

3. Create a Good Product

It is quite obvious. If you will provide same product with same price as other companies do, then why would customers opt for you? Remember that good does not only mean more features. There are a few ways of making better product that do not need a big company.

Online backup services need customers, who want to have unlimited data storage. Mostly, it is complicated for most of the users to know how much backup they need. We at DataBagg flip the model in order to backup everything as well as permit users to control and have the data they want. Doing so reduced numerous options/features, while making the process better and easier.

It does not need plenty of resources, it just need understanding of customers and accordingly find solution differently. Making a good product is one of the best advantages of startup business.

4. Better Service

Do not know how to provide better services? Utilize the advantages and escalations from customer care executives to the engineering could go via few hoops. Solving an issue as well as shopping could be instant. The major thing that could be much effective is access to the real answers on Facebook or Twitter.

Strategic decision that DataBaGG made was having customer support executives as employees in the headquarters. It ensures that they remain in contact with the company for instant feedback.

Having a few layers and small time enables fast internal communication that enhances the customer satisfaction. Such option can go far in building the customers loyalty.

5. Remove Unnecessary Loads

Post knowing the industry standard EMC/NetApp/Dell storage servers will be quite expensive in order to build your own online file storage, so we at DataBaGG decided to make our own infrastructure. We compete with multi-million dollar companies and it is quite impossible to make low-cost storage server. One good trick to do so is remove unnecessary loads from your business. When most of the companies selling servers to a lot of companies for numerous purposes, DataBaGG need server for specific use cases. We customize or tailor server as per needs via removing the redundancy from every server and utilizing low-performance components (as we get high performance through running the parallel servers). This trim the complexity as well as costs while improving product usage.

6. Be Simple

Keeping the website clear as well as your product simple dramatically increase the customer satisfaction and conversion. In case, you are not able to make the same easier, then you will not acquire much customer. Offering unlimited data storage was not only for offering more storage, it is also about making the same easier. As users do not specifically know their backup requirement, charging on each gigabyte means they will not know cost. Hence, providing them unlimited storage means they can relax.

Make a Culture to Endure Advantages

The aim of startup companies is not only competing with the giants, but to be a giant too. Is it mean that you will lose the advantages? A few say yes, a few say no. Some of the benefits are cultural. In case, you deploy all the above-listed things in your work culture right from the very beginning and keep fighting with them, then you can keep these advantages even when you are a giant.