In today’s era, majority of the data has become digital. However, this data on the web is prone to loss and theft. Many companies have suffered from the significant data loss earlier and go out of business in just a couple of months of the incident. Owing to this, most organizations are realizing the prominence of keeping the back up of mission critical data and save it. For disaster recovery planning and business continuity, cloud data storage is considered as most effective solution.

Here are some of the reasons that explains why cloud solutions are essential for every business.

1. Reliable Way of Data Protection – Unlike cloud data backup, onsite data backup saves the data stored on remote location, ensuring the protection from natural calamities, such as fire, flood or earthquake. Thus, in such cases, you need to be certain of the data protection.

2. Enhanced Data Security – With cloud technology, your backup of the data is encoded for the transfer from one place to another. It means when the data is copied to different locations, then it would not increase the chances to be bargained.

3. Advanced Technology – The cloud data backup services are made around advanced technologies, including file sync, data mirroring and file versioning that are unavailable with old onsite backup solutions. Most of the cloud service providers remain up to date with technological advancements owing to the competitiveness in the market.

4. Automatically Incremental Data Backup – Many cloud solutions offer incremental data backups, means in case you need to make changes in any of the files that will be stored automatically via incremental data backup process. It will save the time as well as efforts in performing the tasks each day.

5. High Compatibility – Generally, people face issues owing to the compatibility of the devices. While with the cloud based data storage solutions, you could take the backups through devices with no issue as well as recover the same to device too. It means you would never face any problem related to the applications and devices’ compatibility.

6. Data Accessibility via Mobile – All of the data, having backup on the cloud is accessible from all across the world via internet. It means the data accessibility jumps to the next level in comparison to the data backup on-site. In addition, you could work with the files while simply sitting at the home or travelling via mobile.

7. Excellent Customer Support – If you are facing any problem with the cloud data backup services, then you can avail professional customer support available round-the-clock in order to provide you best support and solve all your queries. It is on the contrary to outdated onsite backups of the data, where such customer support service will not be available.

8. Cost-Effective and Highly Scalable – With the cloud backup solutions, you would have numerous options that are on ‘pay per use’ basis. They have monthly as well as annually price plans, making it a cost-effective and scalable solution. Whatever is required by the data protection is offered by cloud services. You can customize the cloud services as per your requirements and budget.

9. Compliance Ease with the Data Security Standards – The cloud backup services make sure the data protection, this you do not have to worry for the quality of data. Due to the information security standards followed by cloud data storage service providers, it becomes easy for users to fulfill with data security standards.

10. Data Prioritization – Users might be concerned for the data recovery, whereas working with the cloud-based backup solutions as it contains a specific bandwidth limits, making the recovery slow, although it has the option of getting the data prioritized. There is a possibility that in most of the cases you might not require the full data recovery as you could get advantage from the data prioritization as well as recover the data that is on high priority.

11. Peace of Mind – Through all discussed benefits, one thing is very clear and that is cloud data backup services provide complete peace of mind. When users know that their data is in the safe hands and would be available whenever they need it, this removes the lot of stress and they can concentrate on the present business instead of worrying about the data protection.

Since the volume of online information is increasing a lot and businesses are fronting the data protection' challenge from unauthorized use and access. In such a scenario, data backup is a method that could help the businesses in ensuring that critical information is available and accessible whenever needed. The onsite backup of data is an old way of protecting the data and becoming outdated by online cloud backup, which is cost effective and highly reliable. The data based on the cloud provides numerous benefits in comparison to traditional backup method and offers ease of use, data prioritization, data security, peace of mind and higher reliability.

Overall, it can easily be concluded that owing to plenty of benefits of cloud data backup, it is necessary for every business. Due to its excellent benefits, it will help you in achieving needed RPO and RTO level. Furthermore, these solutions are scalable and cost-efficient and offers you enhanced data security.