Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Web Applications and Mobile Devices are considered backdoors into your computer system. There is copious amount of malicious programs reported every day. Malware has exploded in recent times however same cannot be said about data security spending in IT. The non-seriousness in organizations about information security is evident through a vast decline in hiring of resources portraying the said skill set. Most businesses are unprepared for the security troubles that hover them and might prove incurable causing serious damages if not checked upon in time.

The cybercriminals today are financially motivated flourishing the threat landscape. Software elements are sold in the black market for malware building purpose. Hacker forums visited & frequented by scammers and cybercriminals are platforms for malware writers who develop malicious code. Often SMBs liver under the impression that small businesses are of no use to hackers however the fact remains that start-ups or mid-sized companies provide a backdoor entry into large enterprises, hence making them a stepping stone for hackers. These companies are also a soft target as fewer resources are required to attack them than targeting sophisticated corporations.


Choosing a smart protection thereby becomes pivotal for any-sized organization. The solutions designed and approved for yesterday’s malware might not serve the purpose in handling today’s environment. Apt and advanced level anti-malware technologies are necessary to help protect the dynamic IT environment. It is strongly recommended that choosing an anti-malware should never be a price-based decision. If saving cost were to be a prime focus, then every business will do just perfectly fine buying free anti-malware software. One should choose a vendor that has a well-defined development strategy and extensive product research which anticipates threats and assures proactive network protection. Going with the market leader does not guarantee top quality data protection always. As far as cost is concerned, detailed analysis of protection cost, performance cost, management cost and support cost is required to calculate actual investment or returns as poor protection can lead to huge loss, bad management can certainly have negative effects and poor IT security can trickle down the performance of your system