Cloud storage service is a revolutionary data storage method. It provides you a storage center called cloud, on which you can store, back up, access and sync data across multiple devices with the use of the Internet.

But a question that always strikes general public is, how safe is their data in this storage center and how do cloud service providers secure data online?

Here is the answer: Cloud service providers use backup solutions like AES or 448-bit Blowfish encryption and geo-redundant data centers for securing data online.

With the use of geo-redundant data centers, they distribute your data across multiple data centers located globally through Data Sync Service.

Thus, online backup services are safer and secure than external hard drives. It provides you with security. Even if one server crashes down, your data will be safe at the other locations.

I personally believe, online backup solutions are a more secure way to store and access data.

As a user you also hold some responsibility towards the security of your data, so the first step at your end is choose a service provider that holds credibility in the market and inquire about the security standards that they deploy.