Online backup or remote backup is a technique of offsite data storage wherein files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with a network connection. The logic behind online backup is to mitigate the risk of data loss due to fire, theft, file corruption, or any other disaster.

In this world of storage technology, the practice of  Online backup leverages Internet and Cloud Computing to create a pleasing  off-site storage solution with little hardware requirements for any business house .

There are many companies that facilitate online backup services for its subscribers .Here, computers are connected to the Internet and they automatically copy the selected files to backup storage at the service provider's location. Wide choice of online backup services are available to suit needs of both individual consumers as well as of large enterprises.

Online Data Backup comprises of a number of advantages:

  - Cost benefits: Online storage is the most cost-effective way to protect one's data
  - Convenience of "set and forget" back-ups: Mitigate the risk of human error in forgetting to run a critical backup
  - Home and office applications : There are online disk storage options available for both home and office
  - Extra protection: Be assured of protection from the risks of physical onsite loss caused by theft, fire and more
  - Increased security: Online Data backup services ensures enhanced security for data & information
  - Quick and easy data recovery: It enables recovery of files, folders or entire systems anywhere and anytime.

In place of storing your backups on an external hard drive or device, an augmenting remedy is to use an online backup service that saves the data on servers in the cloud!