There has been a tremendous growth in the number of webpages, stretching to roughly around 30 trillion pages currently. Almost every military communication takes place over internet these days bringing a lot of convenience and speed in work. However, along with various benefits web has offered to society, it has also brought several risks that need to be mitigated. Every second, new pieces of malware are found. Companies often complain of being hacked. Cyber military force has been established by over 100 governments.

In companies, around 70 per cent of cyber security decisions are made by executives who do not have any training in this field. Still no educational/post graduate courses have been introduced for cyber security field. There is a humungous shortage when it comes to talent in this domain. Very few employees that are hired in cyber security space are able to deliver the satisfactory work. Financial incentives associated with it also play a vital role. Industries like financial services are doing well from security point of view whereas industries such as health care are lagging behind. It is interesting to find out that senior executive, top management employees are more likely to click on phishing emails than other employees.

Companies should focus on resilience. It is impossible to eliminate threat. You can develop all the mitigation strategies you want, but at the end of the day you need a robust contingency plan as well to face adverse situations. Cyber security standards need to be adhered to for minimizing the success ratio of cyber security attacks. Data encryption, digital signatures, anti-virus, firewall should be incorporated in data transfer to safeguard critical business information and protect sensitive data. We should make sure that internet continues to remain a boon for us and not become a bane.