In an uncertain world such as ours, many essential things for achieving our goals, whether professional or personal, require at least a little digital work. From logging in to Facebook to posting pictures on Instagram, there is certainly no getting away from the deluge of digital mayhem in the current scenario. Since these digital imprints of ourselves have become so important, it is beneficial to have all important data that pertains to us backed up safely and securely.

Many market reports and PowerPoint presentations have been lost when a laptop’s hard drive crashes unexpectedly. Even technically adept users who use sophisticated software in their daily work have suffered setbacks when the last saved version of their work disappears due to software glitches or even simple oversight. Add to this the threat of corporate espionage, in which competitors may try and hack into your personal files to put your hard work out of reckoning! These and many other threats to digital information make the idea of backing up crucial data a good one.

Riding the Cloud into a Safe Future

DataBagg makes sure you are ahead of the game when it comes to protecting your digital assets. From simply nostalgic things like photos, calendar events and old chats to essential data such as system files, encryption keys and passwords, DataBagg offers a host of services for online data backup. The concept of the cloud is not a vague one anymore; rather, the cloud has become synonymous with secure and easily accessible storage space, without the burden of extra infrastructure falling on your head. In a nutshell, the ‘cloud’ is a network of remote servers – that is, memory banks which store and protect your data without being in physical proximity to you – which you, and only people you authorize by providing them with the correct password, can access.

Even if you are the rare sort of person who is alienated by technology but still has to depend upon it for work, DataBagg comes to your aid. With the Automatic Upload feature, the cutting edge software scans your device, synchronizes the last checkpoint at which previous data was checked for parity and backs up the important data without you having to deal with making the decisions about which data is essential and which can be done without, in the likely case of cyberattacks, employee errors or even natural disasters.

Always On, Always in Sync

The online backup services developed by the team at DataBagg include encryption services as well as automatic synchronization, meaning you are free from the data-heavy task of protecting your data. Any compatible device which you have put under the umbrella of DataBagg gets the full advantage of online data synchronization, and liberates you from having to lug terabytes of hard disks around like a tech-Neanderthal. Additionally, DataBagg does not put any extra strain on your Internet network; by identifying the modifications made to previously backed up data and then adding those changes into the previous memory dump, kind of like Apple’s Handoff, DataBagg reduces the bandwidth as well as data usage.

To put it in a nutshell, online backup services are not something any ambitious professional can do without, mainly due to the unexpected ways in which data has been known to disintegrate or even simply disappear. With the added functionality of online data synchronization to ensure up to date backup of your precious data, you can heighten your readiness against the unexpected but unfortunate loss of any data.