Backing up data online is on a rapid surge. Irrespective of the type and size of businesses, data backup is an essential activity of today’s businesses using computers. But choosing the best online backup provider for high reliability and security is a crucial decision which requires you to do a comprehensive analysis. The intricacies attached to it leads to the reluctance of several enterprises/individuals backing up their data online. They fear their data may be lost, or misused, or hacked by some miscreants.

Is this the case with you too? Don’t worry! To help you choose the best online data backup provider, we have carefully analyzed the services and security measures of several online backup providers. This gave me a deeper insight into the online backup industry. The study made my mind that DataBaGG is the best online backup service provider as it provides an array of amazing features at a competitive price. The process it adopts for restoring files is smoother than anyone else in the competitors. For providing an enhanced level of security to your data, it offers state-of-the-art 448-bit encryption. Moreover, DataBaGG desktop app provides peer-to-peer backup a unique option that allows you to skip paying for Cloud storage. It also delivers you an exquisite control over its behavior, and having reasonable RAM in your PC or Mac, it delivers amazing performance.

Doesn’t matter how prudent user you are. You may face several issues responsible for losing data, such as - software bugs, malware, any natural calamity, user error, fire, theft, and so forth. This necessitates the need of backing up your critical data. With speeds of broadband getting better and better gradually, online backup becomes an agile solution to your entire backup strategy. By simply installing the DataBaGG app on your device, you can make your data safe with DataBaGG so that if something goes wrong with your device, you would have your data safe in form of backup with DataBaGG.

However, it’s always advised to have a local backup of your data as well. Yes, do both of the options as copying data locally is always faster than getting it from a connected hard drives.

Who should perform the online backup?

Although, backing up data to your local device, be it the hard drive, optical disk, or file server, enhances backup speed and the restoration performance, but keeping your data online is a smart way to secure data. Also, because the local backups are always susceptible to several threats, your data backed up online will give you a sense of security, and another benefit of online backup is its accessibility to anywhere & anytime feature.

Also referred as Cloud backup, online backup makes copies of your data over the Internet to the service provider’s server.

In order to choose the best online backup provider, I first looked into the services that simplify the backup process. I considered below-mentioned features the most salient for secure and reliable online backup:

Support for Multiple Platforms: Checked whether they support the most platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android etc.

Versioning: Backup should support not only the current version but the previous as well.

Personal Encryption Key: Personal encryption encrypts all of the data before online backup for security, however, the authorized person can access it from Cloud.

I found all of these features in DataBaGG at an affordable price, hence it’s the best online backup provider so far my study is concerned.