Holidays are special. We discover new places, explore the wild, spend quality time with friends and family and click dozens of pictures to cherish those joyous moments in the future. Considering the emotional value of these images, storing them on a pen drive or on a hard disk should be an unlikely option as these devices always face the threat of a virus attack, being lost or worse, getting broken. In today’s era, technology exists that can help us store our data forever without the threat of being getting lost or damaged. This technological advantage is offered by Cloud storage that allows users to store data in all formats, directly on to the web.
Today, an increasing number of individuals and organizations have understood the merits of this technology and started reaping its benefits. Cloud storage allows users to access their data anytime and from anywhere. The only requisite is a device that is internet enabled and can share files online. Next, you need to sign up with a cloud storage service provider. There are several leading cloud storage service providers for individuals. Most of these providers provide free space upto a certain limit which is usually sufficient for most individual users. If a user has higher space requirements, he can buy additional space at a cost.
Over the past few years, several service providers of cloud storage have entered the market. A popular cloud storage provider is Databagg that provides 5GB space for free to individual users. Users can easily download the software or the application for free and can register to create an account. Once you have created your account, it takes just a few minutes to set-up and you can immediately start using its services.
So, next time you are back from a vacation and wish to share your memorable moments with your friends and family, don’t use a physical storage device but opt for the cloud. Once you have stored your pictures online you can be assured about its  security and backup.