Information should be well protected in any business. Online data backup is a helpful option to safeguard your company data. It takes care of data encryption through a defined algorithm. Service providers offer a three way protection system. The first protection layer encrypts your data locally with a private encryption key. This makes the files unreadable even for the service staff. The same could be decrypted only through a private key. The second protection layer prevents other people from spying on the data while it gets transferred. This is done through an SSL connection. The third layer ensures that your data resides securely through encryption.

Data backup solutions provide an automatic versioning of your files. This feature gives you the liberty of rolling back in time and accessing the required version. However, a few online data backup services set a limitation of thirty days or less to versioning. Automatic data de-duplication is another useful facility. It saves you copious amount of bandwidth through data compression. The changed bytes are uploaded to the server. Storage cost is significantly reduced and backup speed is also increased.

However, certain challenges hover around with choosing online data backup solutions:-

  -  Security risks from hackers: Hackers could intervene in the data at the time of data transfer if encryption is not carried out in a proper manner.

  -  High Cost when used for business purpose: Remote storage services costs more because of the risk involved and special requirements in businesses.

  -  You are not in full control of the files too. In cloud storage, you get an option to access the files from anywhere in the world at any time, even from smartphones

  -  Considering the above mentioned points, one should smartly choose the online backup service provider.