Technology has given us many conveniences like listening and storing our favorite music, videos, storing pictures etc. You can start your own small business on your computer. But the computer hardware too is vulnerable to wear and tear and may succumb to pressures and disasters. It is vital that you take a backup of all your important files. You may lose your personal device or it can be stolen or get damaged. To make sure that your data is safe you have to backup and archive it. Finding the right online file backup services is not a matter that you take in an informal and easy way.

You will regret it in case the worst happens. Losing data of any kind can be devastating and will require you to start all over again which means huge losses in time, money and customer services. Your clients will not wait till you rebuild your business and will walk away to a competitor.

Data backup can be done in two ways:

1. Local backup by copying your data in external storage devices. It adds to expense of purchasing devices, its maintenance and your data is still prone to loss, theft or damage.

2. Cloud backup (online backup) over the internet with your files stored out of your business premises. Cloud generally offers automated backup and does not require any physical hardware once the initial setup is done. It is more affordable than local backup.

3. Space: Since your data is stored in the cloud, you have more space in your computers for business applications.

4. Scalable: Cloud services are scalable and this extends to data backup too. You can choose which files to backup and archive.

Advantages of online file backup services:

Cost effective: Clients need not invest on any hardware. Cloud does not require you to buy external storage devices.

Instant recovery: You can recover all your files instantly even if your personal devices are lost or disaster strikes your business premises.

There are several providers available in the market but you need to do an in-depth study on what they offer as no two providers offer similar services.

Free or paid services: Cloud services come in both free and paid. Free services generally are limited to storage or offer backup with time-bound restrictions. But to make sure of 100% safety it is crucial you choose an online file backup service that gives you ample storage for your data. You have to pay a subscription fee and the prices vary from one provider to another.

Storage capacity: There are many providers that offer unlimited storage capacity but you have to check the backup they offer. Your online file backup service provider has to protect not only the files you create but also the system programs and updates.

Security to your data: You need not worry about the safety of your data. Your data is replicated and stored on multiple servers that are placed at different locations. Most of the online file backup service providers use SSL to encrypt the entire data while it is being transferred to the other servers. This safeguards your data from hackers and intruders.