Exponential growth in enterprise-critical data, driven by the cumulative use of rich content, remote working and emailing, is one of the major challenges that IT sector is facing these days.

The main stumbling block in securely protecting data is UNPREDICTABILITY, as you never know when something troublesome can possibly happen. Keeping your data secured online on the cloud ensures that the access to it is hemmed in and that it is out of harm's way i.e. any inevitable physical damage.

Online backup is the ideal choice for an organization as it acts as a protection shield around their important files and data. To maintain a local backup of the data has been the most known and common practice for the backing up and archiving data. Nevertheless, dependability on local backup is not substandard, but it requires a lot effort to manage and maintain. In recent times of data catastrophe, online backup can benefit to any organization to the maximum level.

Have a look at some of the most critical aspects of online backup system:

Effective Protection of Data: Encryption of data is done through passphrase about which only the end-user is aware of. Data is saved in different locations which reduce down the data loss almost to zero percent. Since, through local backup techniques you can save all data in a single-point location along with the original data, which ways the risk of data loss becomes major. And, if the end-user wants to create multiple locations for data storage by way of local backup provisions, then it is definitely going to implicate a lot of capital expense on their part. Moreover, the traditional backup system isn't failsafe from unexpected disaster attacks like earthquake, fire etc. Whereas online backup is totally free from all these risks.

Saves Time: Online backup stringently monitors backup progress within a short time interval of say one minute. On the other hand, local backup needs much more time in comparison to the former technique.

Simple to use and Self-service tools: Online backup is an automated procedure of data storing, wherein the setup process is also done robotically. While in case of local backup system, IT professionals have to manually setup and maintain the overall process. On the other hand, in online backup system, manual intervention is totally circumvented. For any kind of data restoration process, the end-user doesn't have to look for any technician for technical assistance. The service provider of online backup solution is wholly and solely responsible for taking care of scaling up and down the storage space requirement. Ultimately, the end-user is free to ponder on other aspects of the business rather than zeroing in their focus on the operational procedure and management.

Maximum security: Online backup can benefit businesses with enhanced security wherein the protection of highly sensitive data is involved in comparison to local backup system. Since, the prime priority of businesses is to maintain security, so it is highly recommended to go ahead with online backup solutions. Sneak a glance on the ways practiced to keep your data secure:

  -  A private key of encryption is allocated with the encrypted backup data prior sending to the backup service provider.

  -  Online transactions are done with the help of a sophisticated technology i.e. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is undeniably highly protective. A similar technology is used in online backup system for the dissemination of data.

  -  Data centers always retain the encrypted data format.