Cloud migration is an innovative technological trend. End users across global corporates have realised that this paradigm comes with its own share of security concerns. Additionally, continued success of a business is greatly determined by the safety of information hosted in a cloud environment. Furthermore, the data space is already overcrowded with consolidated information from every second business firm. So accessing complete control over the information stored is a daunting task.

Now let us come to the interesting facts about a traditional tape backup. It had its own vulnerabilities which included information loss during change-over; this would create an uncertainty about the security of business critical data. Other challenges involved switching tapes, unnecessary hassles etc. So the crux is that offsite storage automatically trickled down to higher up-front costs and lesser turnaround time.

This is where the need for an enterprise grade cloud data backup steps in. This ground-breaking delivery model lets end users implement flexibility in cost allocations per department. It also supplies storage out of a Tier 3/4 data centre located in prime locations. Such facilities are fortified with robust security, capacity and infrastructure features which every business requires to carry out complete management.

Direct and/or indirect portal access, multi tenancy and white labelling are some critical features delivered by enterprise-grade cloud back up providers.  Hence a client gets to leverage a highly flexible, accessible and efficient cloud solution.

Salient features of a resilient cloud with managed backup are as follows:

·         Flexible delivery choices: This includes public, private or hybrid clouds to cater to business specific needs 

·         Low total cost of ownership: A scalable and cost-effective infrastructure reduces cost of ownership considerably.

·         Technological efficiencies: Advanced encryption features backed by automatic data backup empower your business.

·         Redundant infrastructure: Both on-site and off-site options are available for redundant storage and restore services

Thus, you must invest in a reliable cloud provider who has stringent data security features. With it, your business critical information will remain in safe hands.