There is a stream of DATA that we all are dealing with in our day to day life: right from our smartphones, handheld devices, and credit cards to televisions and computers; from the infrastructure of metropolitan cities; from sensor-equipped constructions, metros, motor vehicle, aircrafts, bridges, and industrial unit. The data is flowing so fast every minute or say every second in form of documents, videos, family snapshots, financial information and spreadsheets.

Whether it's just a treasuring of fond memories or sensitive business information on which your company is dependent on, data on personal computers holds paramount significance. Evidently, inescapable disasters can result in the damage of months or years of data, pushing us to look for some other, more protected solutions- cloud-based data backup provision.

Through this article we would like to throw light on certain most common catastrophes that can prove to be highly detrimental. They are as mentioned below:

-Natural Catastrophes  These types of catastrophes do differ to a great extent in terms of their repercussions, bringing indispensable financial, mission-critical data and human losses in their brutal and pernicious rampages. Tornadoes desolate non-coastal areas, hurricanes inundate coastal cities, and earthquakes rip judiciously raised buildings in the blink of an eye. However, you can smartly overcome the fear of losing your valuable data simply by utilizing an online backup service with geo-redundant storage (that means your data will be stored in multiple data centers with copies in two or more locations).

-Fire Outbreak  Fires are usually most common type of catastrophe that happens in populated areas. Fire-raising, electrical impediments, lightning strikes and extinguishing cigarettes or matchsticks are some recurring reasons behind outbreak of fire, and each one of them are capable enough to completely damage a computer or external hard drive. Hence, you can keep your data safe and secure through geo-redundant cloud-based data backup provisions.

-Sudden rushes in power  Lightning can be unpredictably vindictive, specifically where costly electronics are concerned. Thunder storms or electrical storms that accompany major storm can badly hit your electronics systems through sudden rush in power supply. Keeping your data in a remote location will greatly diminish the risk of data loss caused due to any such type of electrical threat. To overcome this, usage of surge protectors will subdue the power surges inhibiting from outside causes -- utility company glitches, and transformer interchanging, etc.

-Theft  Identification of theft is one of the rising problems all over the world, leading many businesses to loss of indispensable data and sensitive information. With an online data backup provision, you can easily retrieve your data rapidly, which further enables you to put an immediate halt to illegitimate uses of your mission-critical data and carry out all business transactions uninterruptedly.

-Failure of external HardDrive  An eventual failure of hard drive is yet another precarious catastrophe. Almost all type of external storage devices at times fail or get damaged due to unwarranted circumstances. The only way to secure against this inescapable occurrence is to keep the backup of your data on multiple locations; and an online backup service is the only way through which you can accomplish this as well.

-Computer Virus or Malware  Malevolent computer viruses or malware always wait patiently to ensnare credulous and naive users. These viruses usually damage the motherboard, destroy a processor and corrupt all the data that you might have stored on your hard drives. Nevertheless, the antivirus software applications can only detect and eradicate these extortions, and firewalls will no doubt thwart the virus before it reaches your computer. However, storage of your mission-critical data in a safe and secure remote location (i.e. online backup provision), will greatly lessen the probability of complete data loss, thereby enabling you to have a secure grip over your sensitive information.

In few words: Keep your mission-critical data and crucial documents in a more safe and secure location simply by backing up your data through cloud-based backup provision.