Today, digital age has created a critical challenge for the administrators as clients demand more transparency to ensure that their critical data and applications are appropriately and safely stored in an online environment. Moreover, innovations in the information technology have further enabled businesses to safeguard their mission critical data and files by duplicating their vulnerable information at multiple locations. In this light, they deploy cloud storage models to back-up their applications in a highly secured location.

According to a research conducted by the Business News, approximately 42% of the small and medium-sized businesses experience data loss, while one out of three organizations are unable to recover their critical information lost due to disruptive events, such as natural calamities, cyber attacks, power outrages, etc. It is, therefore, highly important for the companies to protect their vital files and ensure its recovery in case of any disaster.

Cloud Storage: A Simple and Sensible Way of Data Insurance

Backups are an indispensable requirement in this fast changing business environment. As the big data of more and more companies is swiftly multiplying, organizations are embracing the cloud technology to leverage intangible benefits of the Internet backed solutions. The solution enables firms to easily and quickly recover files from their website or computer in the event of computer theft, virus intrusions, or fire.

A survey conducted by the Forbes illustrated that information security is one of the primary inhibitors that compels businesses to adopt the burgeoning cloud technology. More than 35% of the respondents in the survey identified data security as the main concern, while 38% of the respondents indicated implications of the regulatory compliance for adopting the technology. Nearly 32% of the enterprises indicated vendor interests for shifting to the cloud. It is important to note that very few companies considered expenses and pricing for migrating to the cloud-enabled platform.

Let's take a quick glance at the major factors that facilitate businesses to deploy online backup solutions:

Easily Recover Files From Any Location: The solution offers a significant benefit to the users as compared to the conventional methods, such as DVDs, Tapes, and CD drives that are more prone to failures. Cloud backup enables users to access file from the backup library through a web-based control panel. The information can be easily restored and download in minutes.

Easy to Implement: Individuals or companies can quickly and easily purchase online data backup over the phone or through a website. Once purchased, the software installation can be remotely installed on any device. In this way, companies can easily backup and restore the files they wish to protect.

Safeguard data Against Disasters: To protect critical information against any disaster, it is important for enterprises to have a recovery plan. Storing back-up media in an off-site location is not only costly, but also delays the restoration time. Cloud backup automatically secures information in a fully redundant data center facility. This further adds a protection layer to enterprise level businesses.

To conclude, creating data backup is an easy and sensible way to ensure that the business information is not affected in the event of a computer theft, virus infection, or catastrophes.