By this time, every IT professional is pretty much convinced about using cloud technology for efficient business operations. Advancement of cloud server has captured the attention of several businesses due to its flexibility and hi-tech features.

But, you might have heard about an old saying: "Great Power comes with great responsibility."

This is an obvious fact that moving to the virtual cloud server is not risk-free. However, it is important to comprehend that maintaining all IT operations in cloud's virtual environment certainly has its own set of risks.

Some of the suggestions to mitigate the risks related to cloud are explained below:

-Data availability: The biggest advantage with cloud technology is that you just need an Internet connection. And, if you lose Internet connectivity, or your service provider exits, then, it turns out to be the biggest trouble. I would suggest maintenance of a local backup of your crucial business files on a local device that is automatically synced to the cloud. This will provide you the required access to your business data until the connectivity is restored.

-Data privacy and security: Your cloud service provider must be compliant with standard rules and regulations of data privacy and security applicable to your organization, such as PCI-DSS and PIPEDA. Limited access permissions should make certain that only authorized users are able to access the crucial files. Transmission security that employs 256-bit AES encryption assures that even if the company data was intercepted, it would be impossible to be decoded.

-Data retention: Files ought to be stored in compliance with your data retention policies. For example, one has to declare availability of historical financial information for tax authorities.

-Disaster recovery: Furthermore, your cloud provider must have documented and tested the disaster recovery capabilities well in advance.

In nutshell, I would like to say that by keeping these suggestions in mind, you would never have to face any issue related to data security with cloud storage. All you need is your constant awareness about your business operations and your hosting experience will be amazing!