Sooner or later all of us usually run into a problem while sending a big file or a bunch of large files to someone through email. This is the moment when we specifically hit the barricade called file size sending restriction error message. Or a usual scenario that anyone can face: you are on a move and have to send a huge business presentation or a number of multimedia files to a client. And, when your outgoing email server confines you to send files up to 20MB or may be lesser than that.

If you will try to find out how large files can be sent on Google, you will definitely come across numerous service providers. Almost all of them will be promising to provide optimal solution for large file transferring free of cost. With a plethora of options, deciding which one is the simplest (that fits in swiftly with your business or personal needs); fastest and most secure way to share big files can be bit bemusing for anyone.

With the advent of cloud technology, it has become far much easier to send files up to 1 GB anytime, anywhere. All you need to have is access to an Internet-connected computer or handheld device along with high speed net connection.

Here is a breakdown of key benefits of cloud-based data storage provision that you can use to store, share or send files up to 1 GB as easily as possible:

-Cloud-based services have made the management, transfer and archiving of large files a simple affair.

-You can easily upload your files and images to the server using the software application (typically with a drag-and-drop interface). This ways the uploaded file will be instantly available to anybody you give authentication to access.

-You can access the uploaded files even through your mobile devices at the same time. However, in order to access those files through your mobile phones you need to download the application on your phones first.

-In cloud-based data storage applications, the storage capacity usually ranges from gigabytes to terabytes, which is more than enough to meet all your data storage requirements.

Hence, embrace cloud-based data storage technology today and share file of any size anytime, anywhere with your friends, family members and colleagues.