Cloud computing is basically the promise made by the internet.

It ensures a quick and easy platform for its users to accomplish tasks from wherever they are. Cloud computing also reduces the time-consuming and complicated administrative tasks that earlier had to be performed by the users. The software is always up to date, and security flaws are, in theory, quickly patched.

Cloud computing can be used easily in both ones' personal and professional lives. In fact, most of us might even already be using it in one form or the other. With a better understanding of the concept, you may find that some of them may even make your life easier.

Cloud computing retains a lot many benefits such as:

  -  Easy accessibility from anywhere with the aid of internet connection

  -  Low power requirements

  -  Outsource the tedious IT administrative workforce

  -  Reduced costs , as most of the cloud computing services are less expensive

  -  Increased storage due to availability of more servers with the service provider

Most of the IT giants such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Sun, Cisco, Dell, HP, Intel, Novell, and Oracle have made huge investments in cloud computing and thereby provide individuals and businesses a wide range of cloud-based solutions. These solutions have in store a number of utilities to offer to its users.

In addition to using cloud computing as a method of utilizing remote servers on the internet to perform data processing and storage, Internet based social networking services are also included in cloud computing.The companies offer an easy method of promoting their products or people without building an infrastructure of their own.

Thus, it can definitely be said that "as data storage needs continue to grow, cloud storage solutions offer definite advantages".