Emergence of cloud has changed the way of delivering computing services, substantially impacting all facets of business ecosystem. This extensive pool of easily accessible compute and virtualized resources allows businesses of every profile and size to dynamically reconfigure to handle a variable load, also enabling for optimal resource utilization. That’s the reason why, decision makers consider cloud as the next generation architecture of IT landscape, leveraging Government bodies, and Healthcare industry to connect, provision and streamline ongoing operations.

Government Institutions: Government bodies can leverage the rapidly evolving Cloud technology to dig deeper and connect the disconnects in communication flow, especially with those who are residing beyond metropolis. Moreover, cloud can help these institutions to enhance interoperability among several public sectors, streamline ongoing processes/operations, manage and monitor the effectiveness plus successful implementation of government schemes. 

Government agencies can built trust factor among its users by giving quick access to the users worldwide, substantially causing reduction in operational efficiency. Cloud has the immense power to transform the way government institutions work. Cloud adoption will not only benefit these public bodies; however millions of users struggling or fuming with slow procedures, policy implementation, and lacking transparency.

Healthcare Sector: The cloud technology is an exemplary shift in the use of Healthcare Information Technology, enabling healthcare institutions to focus more on specific business objectives. Notably, cloud provides quick access and seamless connectivity to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) of patients, facilitating instant provisioning of healthcare services to patients located in geographically distributed locations. In this line, the adoption of cloud will help in automating processes, and streamlining workflows. Thus, an integrated Healthcare environment would allow the healthcare service providers to make available the best of services to their patients.

In a nutshell, cloud technology will help industry sectors, like Government, Healthcare, and Education to make best use of their resources, streamline workflows, stay relevant to their users and serve quickly.