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We are a team of passionate technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and designers who have common dream: to provide the best Cloud experience to all.

With Data BaGG, we have created a unique Online Storage platform using high level Cloud technology which is secured by several layers of security mechanism. Now, one question which may arise from critics and tech bloggers is that, why Online Storage?

Yes, the shift from hard-disk enabled storage system to Online based storage system is taking place all over the world, and if you still haven't chosen this new concept, then you are definitely living in dark ages. Online storage has so many benefits that it makes the concept of storing data in physical hard-disk almost obsolete. And the new line of laptops and desktops developed by Google and other companies are providing no disk space! Even the OS in such futuristic devices are based on Cloud.


Some of the advantages of Online Storage, which we practically observed:

  • Back-up of your data, on Cloud. This means that even if your hard disk is lost or malfunctions, your digital data is always safe.
  • Auto-Synchronization of data across various devices: These days, everyone is connected via laptop, smart phones, tablets, desktops etc. And thus, it makes perfect sense to create a small eco-system of devices wherein data is synchronized across every device, instantly. Hence, even if you start typing an article on your PV, it should be synchronized across your smart phone and tablet and desktop simultaneously, so that you can access it globally.
  • Different Data, One Place: You can store all your digital data at one location. You can upload your pictures, videos, ebooks, games, documents etc at one single centralized location, which is your Data BaGG platform, and then access it from everywhere. Our motto is: Upload your data once and access it anywhere, everywhere!
  • Sharing is caring: Data BaGG makes sharing of your data extremely easy and comfortable. With just one click, your data can be shared with your friends, family and relatives. Isn't it great?

We hope that Data BaGG is able to assist you in managing, uploading and sharing of your digital life lot better. You can download the applicationright now, and can get 5GB free as well!

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More to come, very soon!