In the era of cloud where various sectors including IT, education and healthcare industry are moving into, seems to suggest that enterprises will be able to promptly streamline workloads, quickly innovate and have smaller departments. This indispensably connotes that how technology shapes and changes the way we do business. In cloud, all the computing resources are efficiently managed, power is scaled up/down depending on the workloads and systems are reconfigured to meet the peak in demands.    

According to a recent research conducted by IDG, 69% of companies are already running their infrastructure or applications on the cloud, which is 12% higher than it was in the year 2012. The 2014 IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey indicates that the buzzing cloud technology adoption is immensely increasing flexibility, responsiveness and innovation. It also found that in the year 2015, 24% of IT budgets will be dispensed to cloud solutions.

Now let’s dig deeper to understand some of the potential benefits of Cloud Computing:

Cloud service vendors offer a broad portfolio of services including public, private and hybrid cloud that enable organizations to drive business growth. In this light, end-to-end, enterprise-grade cloud services boosts innovations and ensures significant reductions in downtime. The cloud is poised to revolutionize all the sectors in the impeccable way.

Applications Services: It enables companies to readily deploy comprehensive suite or some specific set of applications to accomplish desired objectives. 

Platform Services: It enables developers to quickly and efficiently develop, test and deploy applications on highly resilient platform.

Infrastructure Services: Most of the cloud hosting providers provides reliable and secured platform for all application and platform.

In addition, cloud solutions enable organizations to drive greater customer understanding, strengthen business progress and make better business decisions.