Industry pundits have time and again warned about insufficient attention being paid to the security aspect when it comes to the new emerging trend in IT - Cloud Computing. What can be the major reasons behind the choice made in favor of the cloud? Answer to this question is quite obvious: in the first place, it is highly cost-effective and accessible anytime, from anywhere.

In a broader perspective, cloud solution is an ideal medium which enables the end users to pull through the data previously placed on personal computers. Well, if you already have an account in any of the social networking sites or using e-mail services, such as Gmail, then you are using cloud computing. Your data is stored and processed on servers placed in a remote location.

It enables growing enterprises to trim down their IT expenditure. They don't have to expend their budget on the purchase of hardware and software applications indispensable for processing and storage of information. While private users can upload pictures or documents on to the cloud platform and access them from home, cyber cafe, or through various portable devices.

The technique and principles behind data storage in cloud of course is pretty simple and lucrative. However, according to pundits, the main concern is that the end users exactly have no idea about where and how to manage the infrastructure, thereby ensuring the security of information. The user does not know whether in reality their mission-critical data is protected or not. They are still in dilemma about whether their information might not disappear or disclose at any point of time.

Numerous researches that have been conducted in recent past project that regardless of the increasing popularity of outsourcing of IT resources businesses are still extremely worried about the information security related issues. Plus, about the potential threats to virtualized computing environments that can create the setback. For which they might have to devise an integrated approach to overcome the setback.

Having their own IT infrastructure, enterprises have to take care of security of their data. In case, the data is stored and processed in the external environment, the security problems are beyond their control.

Here are some of the most easy security tips to keep your mission-critical data secured in the cloud:

-Make your passwords as strong and difficult to crack.

-Never reuse or share your password with anybody.

-Regularly backup your data.

-Integrate security tools, such as network filters and antivirus or antispyware software application.

In the end, would conclude by suggesting that store your data on cloud and access it anytime and from anywhere. All you need to do is to play smart and stay safe.