The market is now entering a new phase, a more matured one, one where more stringent regulation will be included to cloud purchase. More focus will be laid on applications in the cloud instead of infrastructure. This means the migration of business critical applications and innovative development. 

Thus, IaaS landscape will continue to grow to buoy up to improve integration of cloud-based applications and related migration tools. In most instances, these applications will run within multi-cloud architecture, which will be an arrangement of private clouds and public cloud vendors.

Industry pundits think it is going to be IaaS platform. According to Gartner research, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is expected to attain up to 41.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2016.

With growing evolution in cloud technology, now you can run any type of workload in the cloud for immediate value and accelerated business productivity.

Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) delivers underlying capabilities to empower you to rapidly accomplish your IT objectives. Here are some of the key attributes IaaS cloud platform are:

  • Elastic compute: This attribute of IaaS enables you to embark on your varying business requirements.  With it you get your own virtual machine instances, dynamic self-service provisioning and extensive flexibility.
  • Robust object storage: You can save your business critical data and highly sensitive information within secure and scalable object storage provision. Store and access your data from any device connected to the internet.
  • Data protection:  With built-in redundancy and seamless encryption, your data remains highly available and protected against any unscrupulous intrusion or unexpected events.
  • No investment in hardware:  Fundamental physical hardware that provisions an IaaS service is completely arranged and maintained by the cloud vendor.
  • Reduced lifecycle costs: Eliminate TCO and consume technology services in the most efficient way, thereby decreasing your carbon footprint


While the market share of the public IaaS cloud market is expected to shift in coming years. Hence, embrace IaaS for high-performance computing and make your business agile.