Instead of investing for a secure server structure, business and individuals are switching to online storage environment. Cloud storage is a significant way to keep online backup of your digital data. With a step, to give user a rich experience of cloud storage, Databagg has come up with its expedient online storage solution. The inherent characteristics of Databagg, which place it on the top priority list of the users, are mentioned below:

Easy to Access

Databagg allows accessing the uploaded files from any of the Internet ready devices. With Databagg your files are always available to you, and you can effortlessly access it through tablets smart phone, or laptop at any point of time and location.

Quick to Share

File sharing is too easy with Databagg. You can swiftly share your images, documents, video files, audio recordings, and many more with your near and dear ones in a single go. Additionally, you can invite contacts to access your cloud.

Auto Synchronization

One of the stunning features offered by Databagg is automatic synchronization of your data with multiple devices, giving you a constant access to the latest versions of your files, irrespective of your location and data accessing device.

Automated Backup

Once the data gets uploaded, your data gets automatically backed up forever. Now no more worries of your critical data even if your physical disk gets damaged or failed.

Vigilant Data Security

We understand that security is the prime concern for the cloud users, therefore, to give users a secure online storage platform, we have included an ultra-security module, which prevents illegal, and unwanted access to the stored data.