SMBs face a multitude of business challenges due to a lack of IT resources and mounting operating costs. They can successfully reinforce their bottom lines and simply overcome these challenges by embracing the new emerging cloud-based business model, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

SaaS applications allow budding firms to have a leg up over the growing competition. It enables them to maximize their resources while realizing new competence and business opportunities for innovation. SaaS can provide extremely noteworthy advantages in the business environment.

Let's discuss the benefits of SaaS platform designed for SMBs to gain a competitive advantage. They are:

-Higher Productivity SaaS applications endow workforce with easy access to web conferencing and other collaboration tools from anywhere and at any time, which will accelerate their decision-making. According to the survey conducted by Gartner, it has been forecasted that the small companies who have embraced this cloud platform have been successfully able to seize the available opportunities for business growth.

-Implementation of New Tools With the integration of SaaS solutions, SMBs can make use of a wide range of affordable and highly valuable applications, such as outlay and financial planning management, website development, and backup and disaster recovery provisions. Through it, they can even robotically publish their social media content, track fans and followers, and optimize website according to SEO guidelines.

-Trims down overall Software and IT Costs One of the major benefits of the cloud-based platform are the pay-as-you-go model, wherein customers typically have to pay a monthly fee for the resources used by them. Consequently, there is no need to bear upfront IT or hardware procurement cost, and spending on the technology is more doable, since the firm will be charged on monthly or hourly basis on actual usage.

-Enhanced Accessibility SaaS apps are accessible through any web-enabled device, which will empower the workforce to easily access the required data anytime and from anywhere. Mobile customer relationship management (CRM) apps are highly beneficial, as the application will enable SMBs to access and input sales information while on move. Consequently, augmenting overall workforce productivity and improving customer connectivity.

-Extended Flexibility Agility is perhaps one of the intrinsic advantages of cloud-based applications, SaaS. They no longer have to invest in and handle backup systems, costly servers and other physical infrastructure in the cloud. Integration of SaaS application helps SMBs to invest their time and capital more on their business operations and less on technology. When deployed efficiently, these applications boost up the performance level across different departments.

Hence, gain a powerful edge over your competitors by reaping the benefits of SaaS applications. Expand your customer relationship and improve overall productivity without any requirement of IT infrastructure overhauling.