Virtualization is happening all around. It is on the great surge. Based on the cutting-edge technology - cloud computing – Online Data Storage is everyone’s choice today whether they are individuals or enterprises. However, there is some sort of reluctance seen amongst the businesses as they feel it prone to the security threat. A lot has been talked about this tremendous technology.

Online Data Storage

Online data storage or cloud data storage is an innovative mode of data storage with a third-party service provider having access to the Internet using a computing device, smartphone or tablet. Unlike the traditional data storage that uses local hard drives, online data storage uses a service provider’s data center for storing critical information.

Cloud is nothing but a network of multiple servers wherein failure of any particular server doesn’t adversely impact your data. Data stored in the cloud environment can be accessed by the user from around the world at any moment of time over the Internet. In local storage, on the other hand, you could have access to your data only when you would be physically available within the premise of the company. This is the area where online storage has outplayed the traditional mode of data storage.

Advantage of Online Data Storage for SMEs

Anytime, Anywhere Access: This the greatest advantage of online data storage. You can have access to your information and programs anywhere over the Internet. In the traditional mode of storage, you need to carry your storage device with wherever you go to be able to work on your data. But this technology has enabled individuals or employees of an organization to work on the go.

Unlimited Storage Capacity: The cloud infrastructure enables you with the flexibility to store unlimited data. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and switches to other when required. But in the traditional storage model, you would need to replace your existing hard drives if requirement increases.

Collaborative Approach: With the data stored in the cloud, you can work with your fellow employees simultaneously, and can also share updates in real-time. This is a boon for companies working in different geographical locations. Instead of sending files through emails, employees can work on the same file thus increasing the efficiency and communication as well.

Automatic Backup: Your business data is a precious asset for you. Data stored on your local storage device is prone to security threat. It can be destroyed should there be a natural calamity. This incident not only destroys your hardware but also wash away your critical data causing potential loss to your business. But in the cloud, your data is automatically backed up. 

Automatic Software Updates: Updating different software and tools can be a cumbersome task for you. But in online storage, the service provider performs all these activities for you, saving you from intricate tasks.

The Bottom Line

It is evident that online data storage does have risks. But taking care of few important things you can overcome this threat. One thing you can do is the keeping of your login credential secure, don’t reveal it to anyone. Choose a tough password that cannot be easily guessed and change it on a regular interval. Another important step towards safeguarding your precious data is keep updating anti-virus. You should avoid opening up emails or attachments come from unknown sources. Definitely, these steps will reduce the chances of getting data lost or leaked.