As the big data volumes are continuously expanding, it is not viable to keep your information storage requirements confined to external or local devices. This is because; companies are increasingly moving their mission critical business data to an environment where they can maintain their sensitive files in a single place as well as can access this information from anywhere at any point of time. It is for this reason; cloud storage is increasingly gaining traction.

Many organizations, some time back, were restrained by the security and privacy fears. Due to this, they were demotivated to shift their critical information on local storage spaces. However, with the advancements in technology, new generation cloud storage solutions, such as DataBagg have streamlined businesses to store and manage their images and files images at a lightning fast speed.

Demystifying Data Security Misconceptions

Cloud technology has significantly advanced in the last two decades. This is attributed to the additional options as well as the robust security programs offered by the technology for protecting the sensitive business data. However, companies are still reluctant to migrate their data to the cloud due to the delusion that cloud security is difficult to maintain as compared to an in-house service.

As per a poll conducted at the RSA Conference, about 74% of the respondents indicated that the cloud security poses a bigger risk. Even a study conducted by the Venture Beat found that many data security professionals believe that it is harder to maintain sensitive data in the cloud as compared to the private infrastructure. However, the truth is, most of the cloud-based data security failures are mainly attributed to the employee or enterprise error. Additionally, cloud-enabled system largely depends on a business to successfully implement on-premise security measures as well as train their employees on the best practices. This will enable them to keep their critical information safe.

Managed Cloud Deployment Models Providing Better Control

Private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment models provide clients a better option to safeguard their vital information. The technology enables firms to appropriately select resources based on the nature of data sensitivity. Moreover, top-notch cloud service providers tender a complete security support for the data and information stored on their servers. These advancements not only help organizations to fill the necessary gaps, but also present greater protection compared to other on-premise IT teams.

Hence, by hiring a right service provider, companies can benefit from secured and affordable cloud storage solutions. These professionals are committed at maintaining and designing a resilient security program that matches the unique requirement for each company. Computer World, in its study, reported that even though many companies fear the migration of their critical data on cloud, yet a vast majority of them are satisfied subsequent to the transition.