In this digital age, Cloud storage is a model of networked enterprise storage where third parties store their data in virtualized pool of servers. It is the perfect blend of greater accessibility and reliability; strong protection for data backup, rapid deployment and archives.

There has been a great deal of Buzz about growing trends of cloud storage, yet several of the businesses are still slow to adopt this specific approach. Any good IT professional makes a diligent research before moving data to the cloud. In this, you might come across several concerns and security issues regarding cloud reliability.

Following are few of the myths that people still have about online cloud storage:

Myth 1: Suitable only for Large Scale Organizations:

Several of the big enterprises have embraced cloud storage either in the form of private cloud data centers or contracted with vendors for public or hybrid cloud solutions. This doesn't mean that it is suitable for only large scale organizations. Cloud-based service can also be customized and availed by small and medium sized companies.

Myth 2: Complexity with Cloud:

Cloud is a new trend and everyone is not that used to its terminology. People might be confused as to the practical benefits of cloud storage. But, cloud storage is as complicated as a regular network storage facility like shared drive. In fact, most of the service providers have made their apps easy and user friendly.

Myth 3: No need of cloud storage:

The final myth is that some people believe that they don't need to use cloud storage as they stay careful with their data. Few of the inevitable issues like hard drive crash or desktop issues can hit you and your work badly. It would be appropriate and smart to have a backup of data with online cloud storage. It's up to the business to make cloud storage convenient, accessible and useful to the user.

Myth 4: Cloud Is Not Eco-Friendly:

Online Cloud storage requires the use of pooled infrastructure of servers instead of just one. It means more servers are used with bigger demand for power. On the contrary, cloud is actually driving the adoption of green technologies like wind or solar power.

Myth 5: There Will Never Be Any Downtime:

It is a common myth about cloud storage that the pooled infrastructure of server is there to convince of no downtime problem. Online cloud storage surely is a robust place to save your crucial data or information and uptime is generally as close to 100 per cent as anyone can imagine of. However, it's not guaranteed. Downtime is rare, but it does happen.

Online Cloud Storage offers the security and convenience for better, faster applications and infrastructure. So, don't let the myths constrain you away from a cloud upgrade that can prove to be a much beneficial option for your business.