Companies regardless of size and business nature are trying to cut down operation costs and meet soaring demands in tandem – demands generated from explosive data growth and ever-changing regulations. To resolves these issues, organizations are approaching cloud storage providers to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud computing is not a new technology, but rather, an innovative business strategy that is created with the support of a bunch of technologies – such as server virtualization – that decrease the cost of utilizing IT resources. There is a revelation that cloud computing is highly compatible to web-based mechanisms and as a result, it enables IT resources to become scalable and virtualized while discharging their functions over a network.
It is interesting to note that cloud storage providers these days are keen to deliver cloud hosting services to businesses of all sizes and types. The purpose is to allow them to garner the advantages of cloud storage in the current business landscape that encompass “pay as you go”, the perception of infinite capacity (elasticity), and the ease of overall data management.    
When cloud storage providers are agreed to offer virtualized storage solutions over a network, organizations can get respite from buying or provisioning storage capacity prior to storing data. This paves the way for companies to save a significant amount of money on storage cost, resulting in enabling them to pay for the storage that they normally use.
Advantages of Cloud Computing
Cloud storage providers are seen encouraging small, medium and large enterprises to shift to cloud computing in order for reaping the following benefits:

Usability: Cloud storage services are availed and compatible with any operating systems. This allows users to disseminate information without the fear for data loss.

Bandwidth: Avoid sending bulk emails to individuals and organizations and instead send a web link to recipients with the support of your email.

Accessibility: Cloud storage services are easy to access from anywhere without making comprises on data security.

Disaster Recovery: Cloud storage providers boast of offering overall features of cloud computing, which are crucial to run online businesses.