We are living in a digitally driven world where everything is effortlessly accessible and almost intangible. The onset of Internet has empowered us to share photos, files, and other different types of resources for free and use them the way we want to. For the tech savvy user, storage of files in a flash disk drive or a portable hard drive is the most common practice.

How would you like to store, access or share your files online via one source over the Internet? The answer is cloud-based data backup. Free online storage gives anyone an instant access to their digital media files from anywhere in the world where there is high speed Internet connection. With the best online storage, you can store music files, photos, and documents safely and securely. You simply have to get yourself registered with an online account and upload any number of files irrespective of size. The service providers usually provide limited storage space with free accounts. Those who want to have more storage space can upgrade their account simply by paying a certain monthly or yearly charge.

Let's have a closer look at why to choose online backup rather than traditional hard drive backup:

However, there is nothing wrong at all in the storage of your sensitive files in a flash drive or an external hard drive but the features of traditional storage are limited. Here are some of key benefits of using a cloud-based backup provision:

- Zero data loss: - Storage of your files online is one of the most reliable ways to keep them out of harm's reach. Nowadays, usually online storage providers ensure that they utilize redundant server architecture with enterprise-level disk drives at their data centers. Several duplicate copies are created at multiple locations. In any event of a server failure, another server automatically steps in to backup and restore your mission-critical data. There is virtually zero data loss. Conversely, hard disk drives are prone to catastrophic data loss.

- Easy online data sharing- For accessing files through a physical disk drive or thumb drive, you may have to plug in your device to a computer so as to download its contents from there. And, once you are done with the file download only then that you can share it over the Internet. Whereas, cloud storage completely eliminates any type of redundancy and hassle, and allows you to share your files online through your account on to different social networking sites and media avenues.

- On the spot access via web connected devices: There is no need to connect discretely to a computer or tablet. Files stored on your online storage account can be accessed through any device well connected to the Internet. These service providers even provide mobile application which further makes it more expedient for users to access their files, even when they are on move.

- Optimal File collaboration: - Files can be easily sorted and organized by media type; hence the user doesn't have to create separate folders in order to spot them. The improved system easily distinguishes file types and sorts them in a systematic manner, all set to be shared anytime.

In a nutshell, get acclimatize with the modern way of organizing files, documents, photos, and so much more. Share your files online or upload your videos on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter account with cloud-based online storage provision.