Only a few years back, some industry experts didn't agree to accept cloud computing as a technology to bring revolution in IT sector. They were of the view that large companies like bank and other financial institutions with stringent requirements around data, privacy and security would never migrate to cloud hosting for streamlining IT infrastructure and operation. Some of them even went to an extent of saying that the boastfulness of cloud computing to bring scalability, redundancy and resiliency to IT infrastructure of large enterprises would remain a myth.

However, the assumption has contradicted the existing fact with 70% of enterprises, irrespective of size and business nature, have incorporated cloud-based software, platforms in their technological segments. By adopting cloud, enterprises today realize that how this technology helps in streamlining their processes, lowering their IT complexities and gaining better visibility and reducing overall costs with ease.

Migrating to Cloud Server Hosting Continues to Grow

Cloud is embraced across the world as an enterprise-based model for service delivery, which has increased its deployment revenue from $46.4 billion in 2008 to $150 billion in 2013 - a whopping adoption rate of over 225 percent.

Cloud Hosting Further Brings Mobility

The emergence of smartphones, tablets and other latest web-enabled computing devices facilitates cloud-based technology to enable users to access, store and transfer mission-critical applications while on the move.

Cloud Computing Is Prevalent Worldwide

If reports are to be believed, organizations around the world are embracing cloud as they find this model distinct from usual hosting solutions and it is capable of providing a new opportunity to create a more competitive market position.

On-Demand Availability Makes Cloud Technology Sought After

The attribute of available on-demand makes cloud computing an ideal solution for companies to consolidate IT infrastructure, improve processes, lower operational and labor costs and accelerate revenue growth in tandem.