Over the years, the Internet has greatly revolutionized the way we communicate, we get socialized, we do businesses, and even more importantly the way we think. It has the immense influence on our everyday life. Almost in everything we do, we exploit the great power of the Internet. Now the question is – Is there any way to store information using the Internet? Has the Internet transformed the way of storing data as well?

The answer is “Yes”. Even the way of storing data hasn’t left over by the influence of the Internet. The Internet-based online data storage system is even more powerful that ensures that your business critical data can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This popular way of storing data is more suitable for businesses having need of sharing a large amount of data. If your system gets crashed or goes down, you won’t have to worry about losing your important information as it has been backed up online.

What is online data storage?

Online data storage is a modern-day system of storing electronic data with a third-party services provider using the Internet. It can be referred as an alternative to the traditional storage which includes – local HDD, tape drives, pen drive, and so forth. The traditional storage was more prone to data loss and data could not be shared over the Internet while on going. On the other hand, online data storage is safer and can be accessed from around the globe by the authentic user via an Internet-enabled device. Online data storage is also called as “Internet storage” or “Cloud storage” or “hosted storage”.

In last few years, a number of companies have flown into the market offering the varied range of data storing services. Some with certain limitation while some allow users to store unlimited data, irrespective of their type. Usually, service providers charge users on a monthly or yearly basis.

How online data storage can benefit your businesses   

However, there is an umpteen benefits of using online mode of data storage, but the most prominent are the ability to access data from anywhere, anytime. With the significant surge in the use of the Internet, the need of transferring or syncing data among users dispersed globally is also growing. Not only does online data storage enable users to transfer data between devices, but it also helps them share files among a number of users. Online data storage can be termed as a boon for business owners and key employees that need to access their business data while on road or out of office. Instant photo or video sharing amongst friend or family members are also made possible by this amazing technology of storing data.

The other distinct feature of online data storage is its ability to create backup and disaster recovery as it is not located at office sites. Opposed to the traditional data storage system, online storage is more secure even against the natural calamities, such as – earthquake, fire, flood, tsunami or such other situations - as they could damage your onsite backup only, not the online backup. However, it does have some security concerns. Several enterprises have experienced such issues. But the number of such cases is very few which can be overshadowed by other amazing features of the online storage.