Today, businesses of all sizes are experiencing an explosion in the volume of data they hold. Be it is the result of internet, email or increasing rich media based software and application, there is a massive growth in the volume of data. 
Data is increasingly recognized as one of the important asset for an organization, and losing the data would cause severe damage and hamper the overall functionality of any company. 

Why is your data worth? 

Whether it's a small scale organization or a big level of enterprise, data is a real asset to align well-versed growth. Data loss can be very costly, specifically for the companies that fall in the SMB category (Small and medium business), where the difference between survival and collapse can rely on the ability to recover from a disaster. 

“American businesses lost around $8 billion due to the virus attacks in the first six months of 2001.” 

All computer data is at risk or prone to the situations such as hardware malfunction, computer viruses, software corruption and natural disasters.  

What organizations are looking as a solution?

With increasing amounts of data to be stored, real risk or threats of data loss, it's a little wonder that data protection software and application has become a high demand. It is not just only the large enterprises are inclined towards data protection techniques. However, annual spending on data storage hardware and software services by SMBs is expected to more than quadruple between the year 2002 and 2006 according to a research conducted by Access Markets International (AMI).               

Worldwide storage spending will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43 % over this four year time interval. Nowadays, business leaders are focusing on adopting the latest technologies, robust software that enables companies of all

sizes to proactively protect themselves from data loss and threats. Companies are looking for the solutions that: 

  •   Reliably use the prolific technology for the application as they cannot afford the  backup failure. 
  •    The techniques are simple to use and maintain with low level of complexity and low cost of ownership. 
  •    Provide adequate capacity and high performance. 
  •    Offer 100% automated update and ensure encrypted security
  •    Round the clock technical assistance on wide range of online backup and recovery services. 

Online cloud storage service is the perfect way to achieve the high end business objectives. Cloud is built for all devices, you can access files, application and all your valuable data from anywhere at any time. In a nutshell, companies are focusing on cloud storage and backup recovery metrics to protect their data from the disasters.