Store my digital life?

It is no surprise that this idiom is a newcomer to many of us.

But come to think of it. "Digital life" has meaning. Rather it is part of our everyday lives.

After all, these are digital times. With a smartphone glued to our hands we book an appointment with a doctor at 8 am. Reserve tickets for a movie show scheduled at 3 pm. Call Ola at our doorstep at 1.30 pm.

Some guests have suddenly barged in. Call Pizza for some immediate delivery. 

But more importantly you have stored numerous photos and information. 

You have clicked myriad pictures at your favorite holiday spot. The smartphone cannot handle it anymore because the storage is overflowing. 

But you want to preserve it for posterity. 

Thankfully there is an answer. Store all of your files in the skies. 

The cloud in the sky can do the following for you.

File storage and sharing

Services like Dropbox and Google are giving you free unlimited storage. These services enable you to sync files and folders in several devices. 

Media storage

There is no more any need to reprint photos, or once again download your favorite songs or movies. Access Spotify, Netflix, or SoundCloud in your palms. 

Gone are the days when all of your files were stored on hardware. 

Yes, Online Cloud Storage Service has revolutionized archiving. 

With your photos on Facebook or Instagram, files in Dropbox or Google Drive, and emails in Google or Yahoo, your digital life are stored for posterity. 

Yet, if you want to store information and files virtually, you must remember there are risks. 

Cloud computing suffers from the same issues all innovations suffer. People jump in without fully understanding what it is. 

Keep in mind the following pointers while choosing an appropriate online service.

Choose the right cloud

With numerous cloud services out there, it is no wonder the choice is overwhelming.

Dropbox, Amazon, or Google Drive is all big names. But you owe it to yourself to carefully evaluate and consider all available alternatives. 

Remember, migration from one service to another is no cakewalk. Data migration between clouds is a huge pain in the neck. You have to download all of it from your previous service and then upload it to the new one. 

Keep multiple backups

One of the prime hazards of cloud is it is out of your control. If the cloud goes down for any reason, your data goes down with it in a fraction of a second. Use other backup solutions concurrently. 

Secure your stuff

Yes, the cloud service does everything for you. But with this convenience comes a compromise on security and privacy.

Encryption helps. Opt for a cloud storage service that includes client encryption. This will help you encrypt and decrypt your data locally. 

With cloud becoming a disruptive technology, there is no turning back. 

Move to the cloud and make your digital life better. 

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