Data BaGG is an online storage service based on cloud computing platform. 

It is having a reputation for providing world class online storage service on the back of its state-of-the-art features. 

Online storage services have been gaining in popularity in recent times. The reasons are:

• You can save almost anything and access anywhere

• With direct upload possible from your mobile device, all of your important data is stored wherever you are and whenever you want. All you need is access to internet. 

But first let us be clear what a personal cloud service is.

The most familiar example of a cloud storage service is Dropbox or Google Drive. Most of us are already using these to upload store, and retrieve data. 

In a nutshell, clouds are network of servers linked together to allow centralized data storage and access to various resources. 

If you are looking for free cloud storage, you will want one that is most accessible and ubiquitous service and also has a strong business presence.  

DataBaGG is a cloud storage service that has all the requirements home users would look for. 

Let us take a close look at its offerings

How much storage do you get?

You get 5 GB free. This is the base amount. With the free data space you can store and share files including photo albums, videos, and documents from anywhere and at anytime. 

What are the key features?

• You can auto sync all your files and folders through cloud storage application on your device provisionally or permanently.  Data BaGG’s futuristic online solution quickly manages the data synchronization process with the least human interaction. 

• Provision of auto backup through cloud data storage. Once you are logged in to Data BaGG application all the vital data from smartphone, computers and laptops is seamlessly backed up for future reference. In case of any difficulty, technical support is available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone. 

• High end security provision that allows for file transfer via a SSL connection only. Moreover all the files are encrypted locally during the preliminary backup process.
• With numerous data sharing features you can enhance your overall business agility. Some of the sharing features include mobile access via web browser, cross platforms and no computer limits, and easy deployment and management with only a few clicks. 

• You can share big files free of charge quickly and easily. You also get instant and quick updates on when the sent file was viewed and even the comments you receive. 

You can launch the Data BaGG application on your device with the following simple steps. 

1. Click on the link on the home page and download the application. Save it on your PC/ laptop/ mobile.

2. Upload data on Data BaGG.

3. Access it from any device PC/Desktop/mobile or tablet and edit or work.

4. With just one click share data and information with your family friends and relatives. 

Data BaGG is inviting consumers to its next generation cloud storage platform and experience its simplicity and power.