For many individuals and businesses data security has become one of the major concerns when it comes to sending or sharing files on the cloud. They typically worry about their highly confidential files either being seen by prying eyes or even compromised by other users since that is what has happened in the past.

Now the question that arises is that what all can be done to effectively prevent that from happening even when your user account gets hacked? The answer to this question is pretty simple- Encryption

Encryption is one of the techniques that make your highly confidential information unreadable with a special encryption key or passphrase ( a sequence of words or other text used to protect data) so that even in case someone anyhow able to get access to your information - it doesn't matter because the intruder won't be able to see anything. Only by entering the encrypted key they can accurately see what's there in a file.

Through this post, I will what all you can do to keep your highly sensitive files secure and use cloud storage more smartly keeping all your worries at bay.

There are two key options that you can consider: Fundamentally, when it comes to encrypting your files in the cloud you have two options you can choose from:

  -  First, you opt for a cloud storage service with built in encryption

  -  Second, you make use of a service that encrypts files or folders for you

Let's dig deeper into the above mentioned options to get a more clear idea:

Dedicated, surefire cloud storage service with integrated local encryption provision

Whichever way, both methods have their own merits and demerits to offer. If you consider going with a secure cloud storage provisions then you might have to transform your complete setup by moving files to cloud. Plus, you will have each and everything under one umbrella and no more have to worry about data security and integrity. As everything is well taken care by the cloud vendor; in order to keep the data of their clients intact they always ensure to offer cloud storage services with in-built encryption provision.

Service for file encryption only

In case you are opt for using a service to encrypt your files so as to have more control over the files you want to encrypt, chances are that it might take longer for your files to be synced accurately provided you're using third party software applications to encrypt them.

Ultimately, I would end by suggesting that keep your mission critical data safe and secure from the prying eyes by choosing the right way to encrypt it.