"Necessity is the mother of all inventions"

This time old cliche is apt in today's changing world. We keep on experiencing rapid changes & developments in this fast moving world. Earlier, when the concept of computer was in its nascent stage, it was only possible to store your information and data in your computer's hard drive. The concept of storage was only confined to local storage devices on one's local personal computer (PC).

But now, the scenario has changed...

Switch to Cloud storage and enjoy the benefits of accessing your data from anywhere through internet and thereby reduce the flaw of limited storage.

So, let's have a glimpse of scenario where we learn the technique of utilizing our own PC as a cloud:

The first step to start using your PC as a cloud is to set up the remote access to your computer, where you will be required to install a small server application. There are many free server soft wares for Windows and MAC OS X available these a days. One such software easily accessible is Logmeln (www.logmein.com)

When the server is up & running, you can simply log in using your own account through a web browser on any computer, phone or tablet. Now the system is ready to be used. You can then remotely control your system at home to either run programs or transfer files to and from it.

An alternative method to remotely access your files could even be to purchase a network connected hard drive e.g. Seagate Central shared storage and start using it to view, stream or download files through a web browser.

So, be a part of this new technology and benefit as a beneficiary of its updated features.