Cloud storage providers these days have begun to kick off larger than life promotions. These advertisements endorse free cloud services that are hosted on a unified Cloud Drive. In order to grab onto this free cloud space, one has to follow a few easy steps which are include some annoying paraphernalia. Through certain shopping rewards programs organized by the cloud provider, free storage space can be attained.

Cloud has undoubtedly become the most popular buzzword. This is mainly because storage services and cloud computing have changed the course of service providers and their offerings. But cloud data storage is backed by some security concerns and problems such as capacity, security and missing files. After all, data is stored on remote servers which belong to third party hosting companies.

Though cloud-based file storage is the most preferred file sharing process these days via personal devices it is backed by numerous problems. These issues have been enlisted as follows. Keep reading to know all about the top problems which arise from the services obtained from leading cloud storage benefactors:

  • A good cloud drive supports just about every operating system. But they are coupled with security concerns. For example, hacks cause spam emails being sent to user bases.
  • Such cloud loading solutions are backed by free storage capacity limitations.
  • There are issues with privacy settings. For example- a leading cloud drive allowed users to access accounts without a password. This is a significant security concern.
  • Sometimes, mid-sized businesses look for easy ways to share bank statements as well as proprietary business information. Such companies face a major challenge by depending on cloud storage solutions.
  • One also faces problems with synchronizing files and respondents are sometimes dissatisfied with automatic conversions.
  • High storage space pricing beyond the free usage limit is another issue faced by users.
  • Yet, a plethora of benefits can be attained by embracing the cloud.
  • Cost – With cloud at your service, there is no need invest on external hard drives and backup tapes anymore. Time required for manual completion of routine backups is another issue faced. Besides, online storage services reduce the expenditure incurred due to traditional backup methods.
  • Invisibility - Cloud storage is encapsulated and hence invisible. So it does not occupy valuable space in the form of drivers and storage devices.
  • Security – One can store confidential or sensitive information in a secure environment. Such online storage services include data encryption strategies that ensure unauthorized users are prevented from accessing files.
  • Automation – Follow through is a big issue which gets handled with cloud based storage solutions. Hence backups are easily accomplished via automation strategies.
  • Accessibility – Toggling files across multiple devices becomes easy with cloud. Besides the account can be accessed on a mobile browser via any internet connection.
  • Syncing – Files are automatically updated across multiple devices so that the latest version of a file gets saved on a desktop. It is made available on smartphones.
  • Sharing – In case a person would like to share single/multiple files and folders, they can leverage the power of online storage services for easy sharing.
  • Collaboration – This storage is ideal for collaboration. One can edit and collaborate the document without worrying about tracking the latest version.
  • Protection – These storage serves have an added layer of data protection where backups are kept securely.
  • Recovery – With zero downtime, data can be recovered from a cloud drive.

Due to these factors, it is advisable to take the plunge into the world of cloud. You will not only benefit from free GB space, but also leverage the power of numerous other benefits.