With more rapidly evolving world of the Internet, keeping your digital storage requirements confined to your local or external device won't be viable. The whole lot of idea  behind, is  the optimal and judicious utilization of cloud storage; as you can now keep your mission-critical data, sensitive information and even multimedia files at one place and access them from anywhere and anytime.

Consequently, if in case you have confined storage space on your computer, you can simply access all your important files while working from home or on a move.

However, even your mobile devices do have restricted local storage space. In such a case, there is one of the best options that you can embrace - the conventional cloud storage solutions like Databagg to stream music and images at lighting fast speed. You just have to download the application on your smartphones and other handheld devices.

Let's have a closer look at how to optimize your use of the cloud:

-Make use of your Personal Computer as a personal cloud Now you must be thinking what does the term personal cloud refer to? Most commonly, the term "personal cloud" can be defined as a small cloud-based network that you can set up for your home or small business purposes. This may require a good Internet connection, but this cloud is envisioned to be secure and private from larger cloud computing enterprises. In order to do this, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is to set up remote access to your computer, which is just a cake walk than it sounds: all you need is a personal computer, Internet access and some free software application. Once the server software is installed, you can simply log in to your account (free registration) using a Web browser on any computer. You can then remotely control your system at home or office to run programs or for transference of files to and from it.

-Leverage the data access provision through your phone However, in case you prefer to have an out-and-out way of accessing the desired content on your mobile phones or tablets rather than using a Web browser, there are myriad of free applications available that can be seamlessly installed and operated over any popular smartphone platforms. As in the browser technique, these applications may require installation of server software on your personal computer, so that you can access the files remotely. Once you connect the application to your computer at home or office, even if you may be anywhere in the world- it enables you to stream music files directly to your phone, access and download files from your computer and upload photos and videos taken from the phone back home or any vacation spot.

-Stream music files from your personal computer just within a blink of eye There are applications that do offer audio and video streaming to your remote mobile device, but at times dearth of on-the-fly file conversion provision can result in a long time lag dependent on your connection. If audio streaming is one of your main priorities, then we would say that simply download cloud-based online storage app. It just takes few minutes time to get started, since you need to first create an account and set up the folders that you wish to share with your family members, colleagues and partners. Once done, the application will start displaying all the music files from your computer anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a good Internet connection. You can also create your own playlists and it functions with all most all audio formats. It also provisions video streaming feature, which, not to mention, runs best over a Wi-Fi connection only.

To summarize, we would say that reap the benefits of online cloud-based storage and share, store, access, and manage your mission-critical data and significant files at your fingertips.