In the past years to get more storage hard disk drives are purchased and half of the time is spent moving the data in it. However, with the time, this trend is changed as people have selected the cloud technology. There are plenty of reasons why cloud technology is better than hard disk drives, such as -

Universal access
Sync technology

Everybody have seen 'low disk space' warning on the computer at the given point of time and there are only a few that have not experienced corrupted file at least once. Therefore, it is better to choose from best cloud hosting providers to prevent your file from being corrupted. You should ensure that all the photos, videos and music collated by you remains with you in the future. In addition, you should also make sure that no document of yours get disappear.

Also, you will need extra space as compared to actually required by you. Although, the problem is how to best backup the files. From so many years, the thumb rule to do so was ordering Hard Disk Drive and then spend half of the time in figuring out the way of transferring the data.

However, external hard disk drives are fast even after so many years they are not reliable. The failure rates of hard drive on the modern devices is high as 27 percent during the warranty period. It means hard drive is only a good option for a few years and after that you should say goodbye to it.

And what about cloud? The cloud storage might not be as instant or quick as hard disk drive; however it take care of the essential issue that external HDDs could not fix: reliability.

1. Universal Access

All of us have files on the home laptop, phone as well as on the office computers; however, external drive could just backup the data on device that is not connected. On the contrary, best cloud storage for photo and video provides you freedom of files' backup on the web-connected device with no need of plugging anything. Many cloud service providers have particular applications for most of the clients. Accessing the data is much easier as you just need web browser as well as working web connection in order to do so.

2. Security

With Hard Disk Drives, you become responsible for security. Although, numerous people seems to miss it, while the warranty of hard drive will replace the HDD and it cannot recover the lost files.

Cloud and security have not gone together always. Although, in the recent years, more cloud storage applications have deployed advanced encryption that make sure the data remain safe all the time.

The European cloud solutions encrypt the user files prior transferring them to the servers. When the files are being uploaded, they already become unreadable by anybody apart from users. In 2018, a new list of best cloud hosting providers have come up that includes DataBaGG, one of the reliable web hosting providers in the market.

3. Sync Technology

It is one of the features of cloud services that is handy; however rarely discussed. The selective sync permits you to make a connection with the local folders in the cloud. In case, you do not have web connectivity and working, then sync will help you in getting the job right.

4. Cost Per Quality

Cost is one of the trickiest factors that should be considered putting aside the arguments. Relatively, external drives possess linear pricing. If you pay more, then you will get more storage. A few hard disk drives come with additional warranty. Unfortunately, file recovery is not included in the warranty that could cost around USD 1500 based on the failure, it might be ineffective.

Cloud solutions might seem expensive owing to the subscription-based cost model. Though, the price model includes the advanced file recovery. In such a scenario, you will be paying for recovery, storage as well as more options that make affordable cloud storage in respect to quality of the service you receive.

In a nutshell, cloud service or solutions is the winner. Cloud services have become accessible and cheaper each year and they take care of the additional data fears, such as remote access and file recovery. With the invention of pricing models, such as external hard disk drives and lifetime options might eventually go as compact disc.

A leading hosting provider, DataBaGG offers best cloud storage for photo, video and music at a fraction of the cost. Therefore, you can avail best cloud services from this web hosting provider and make a good reputation of your business.